Formal Name: Marrubium vulgare
Supplement Forms: Flowers, leaves, liquid

Recommended Daily Allowance

  • Infants: (0 to 12 Months) N/A
  • Children: (1 to 13 years) N/A
  • Adolescents: (14 to 18 Years) N/A
  • Adults: (19 and Older) N/A
  • Lactating Women: N/A
  • Pregnant Women: N/A

Notes: No RDA info available.

Additional Information


Horehound, named for the Egyptian god Horus, was originally used in Egyptian rituals 5,000 years ago. A member of the mint family, Horehound was used as an ingredient in incense and beverages. Today, it is grown mainly in Britain and the Mediterranean.

Bodily Functions Horehound Assists

Horehound is an herb often used to treat indigestion and cold symptoms. The herb is a known expectorant, and will serve to alleviate chest and sinus congestion. Horehound can also be applied externally to speed up the healing of minor wounds and sores.

Foods High in Horehound


Ailment That Horehound Eliminates:
  • Treats cold symptoms
  • Works as an expectorant to bring up mucus
  • Eliminates indigestion
  • Alleviates flatulence
  • Soothes painful menstruation
  • Can be used externally to treat minor wounds and inflammation
Side Effects/Pre-Cautions:
  • Avoid ingesting horehound if you have gastritis or peptic ulcer disorders
  • Pregnant women should not take horehound
  • Eating an excessive amount of horehound could cause hallucinations, restlessness, dry mouth, pupil dilation, and even coma

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