Formal Name: 2-aminopropanoic acid
Supplement Forms: Pills, food, liquid

Recommended Daily Allowance

  • Infants: (0 to 12 Months) N/A
  • Children: (1 to 13 years) N/A
  • Adolescents: (14 to 18 Years) N/A
  • Adults: (19 and Older) N/A
  • Lactating Women: N/A
  • Pregnant Women: N/A

Notes: Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is produced internally within the body.

Additional Information

As a non-essential amino acid, alanine is produced by the body in sufficient amounts and is one of several amino acids that contribute to the building of necessary proteins. Alanine can be converted by the body from pyruvic acid, which is a substance that is created whenever carbohydrates are broken down.

Bodily Functions Alanine Assists

Alanine’s most important role is assisting the body in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It has its greatest effect when the body is in a state of low sugar level. In such situations, alanine helps breakdown glucose molecules into usable energy and the liver uses alanine as an amino acid in the product of glucose. The liver increases glucose production when the hormone glucagon is secreted from the pancreas. This hormone can be stimulated by alanine.

Symptoms Of Deficiency:
  • In healthy humans, alanine deficiency is extremely uncommon.
  • Reports of deficiency and their symptoms are not clearly known however, alanine deficiency has been identified in some patients with diabetes, alcohol-induced hepatitis and low blood sugar level.
Foods High In Alanine

The foods that contain the highest amount of alanine are poultry, a variety of fishes, meat, seaweed, eggs and dairy products.

Ailments That Alanine Helps Against:
  • Alanine may contribute in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement
  • Doses of L-alanine may be beneficial in insulin-dependent diabetes management.
Side Effects And Toxicity

No known toxicity information. Patients who suffer from Epstein-Barr have been associated with high alanine levels. Patients who have kidney or liver problems should consult a doctor before supplementing with this amino acid.

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