Weight Loss Fitness Programs

Weight Loss Fitness Programs

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Everyone is familiar with the fad weight loss diets that seem to work miracles in terms of their effectiveness and the rapidity with which excess body weight can be lost.

Every month there appears to be several new super diet programs that claim that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and the pounds simply melt away.

Unfortunately, this just simply isn’t how weight loss works. If you want to safely and effectively lose excess body weight and keep it off over the long run, there are wrong ways and right ways to go about it. However, more often than not, fad diets are simply ineffective and, in many instances, actually unhealthy approaches to safely and effectively losing excess body weight.

This section of our website is intended to provide you with information regarding safe and effective weight loss fitness programs. The word “fitness” has been included in the common phrase “weight loss program” because we truly believe that this is an integral component to any successful weight loss program.

If you are looking to lose excess body weight and keep it off, no diet is going to be effective without the addition of some form of physical activity.

Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and up-to-date weight loss fitness programs available. While safe and effective weight loss is really quite simple in principle, fad diets and shortcuts rarely (if ever) work. Effective weight loss begins with an understanding that if your body burns more calories per day than your consume, you will lose weight. It really is that simple! There are two primary ways in which you can ensure that you consume less calories than you burn in a given day.

Basal Metabolic Rate

First, you can determine your basal metabolic rate (the average number of calories your body burns in a day) and decrease your caloric intake to a number of calories below that level. For example, if your body typically burns 1,625 calories per day, you can simply decrease the number of calories you consume per day to 1,400. By doing so, you will lose one pound of excess body weight in approximately 2.22 weeks (a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories will reduce your body weight by 1 pound).

Participate in Physical Activity

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Second, you can participate in some form of physical activity or fitness program. By doing so, you will increase the number of calories that your body typically burns per day, and hence begin to lose excess body weight.

For example, if your body typically burns 1,625 calories per day and you consume 1,800 calories per day, then you will store 175 calories as fat per day. If you multiply the additional 175 calories that you consume times 7, you would store 1,225 calories as fat per week. At this rate you would gain one pound of body fat every 20 days.

By performing an exercise routine that burns 450 calories per session 3 times a week, you would burn an additional 1,350 calories during that week. This would create a weekly caloric deficit of 125 calories (1,225 calories stored as fat per week minus 1,350 calories burned per week through your exercise routine). At this rate of caloric deficit, you would lose 1 pound of excess body weight in approximately 28 days.

The Best Approach

So what is the best approach to safely and effectively losing weight? The answer is to combine dietary intake with an exercise routine. By consuming a healthy whole food diet that creates a daily caloric deficit with an exercise routine that burns additional calorie, you will combine the two factors that will lead to not only losing weight, but improving your overall health and fitness level as well. In the end, this approach is the safest, most effective and healthiest avenue to obtaining your personal fitness and weight loss goals.

Developing and implementing a sound, effective weight loss fitness program does not require rocket science. Many of the fitness programs described within this section of our website differ in that they simply address slight variations in the movements and details. However, the intention and fundamentals of each weight loss fitness program are essentially the same.

In This Section

Also included within this section of our website are recommendations for products and services that we not only support, but believe provide a safe and effective approach to weight loss. This includes instructional exercise DVDs, weight loss clinics and a variety of other resources. While the principles behind safe and effective weight loss are quite simple, actually achieving your optimum weight can be more difficult. For this reason, we believe that it is important to provide all of the tools, resources and dietary information required to safely and effectively not only obtain your personal weight loss goals, but to maintain that level of weight thereafter.

We have created an entire tools section where you can calculate your optimum weight, determine your basal metabolic rate, calculate your daily caloric intake, and measure, monitor and track your progress. The tools section is located on the right side of the footer of our website.

Every quality weight loss program must focus on both aspects of effective weight loss: dietary intake and physical activity. Without a balance of both of these components, your weight loss efforts are less likely to be effective and sustainable. All quality weight loss programs should also be safe, effective and sustainable over a lifetime. This being said, we have chosen to support and discuss only the weight loss programs that meet these specific criteria points.

We would like to encourage you to explore the entire weight loss section of our website, as there are countless articles designed to assist you with obtaining all of your personal health and weight loss goals. In addition, we have included separate dietary and exercise program review sections on our website for you to evaluate. Each of the dietary and exercise programs have been thoroughly evaluated based on a stringent set of criteria, and ranked as to their safety and effectiveness.

Believe in Yourself

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One final item associated with safe, effective, and sustainable weight loss is the mental aspect. A good mental attitude and the belief that you can actually lose the weight, consume a healthy diet, and perform an exercise routine with regularity will be critical to both your short-term and long-term success.

In the end, your success will be based on your ability to modify your lifestyle to that of a healthier, more active approach. By doing so, you will eliminate the frustration associated with constantly trying to lose weight or losing weight and then gaining it right back.

As previously mentioned, our goal is to provide you with the most current and clinically proven information related to safe and effective weight loss.

In addition, our intent is to provide you with all of the tools necessary to implement a solid weight loss program that will facilitate a lifestyle change that leads to good health, fitness, and mental well-being.

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