Fitness Center Amenities

Typical Amenities to Look for at a Fitness Center

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Once virtually non-existent, fitness center amenities have expanded to amazing levels. Some of the typical amenities to look for at a fitness center now include pools, steam rooms, jacuzzis, saunas, daycare facilities, snack and smoothie bars, lounge areas, tanning beds, massage rooms, women’s-only workout rooms, indoor running tracks and much more.

While you may not utilize all of the amenities offered at your fitness center, these additional amenities are designed to attract a broad range of members, make it easy for you to attend your fitness center (i.e. via a daycare center), create a comfortable environment, and provide a single facility where everything you need to obtain a healthy and fit mind and body is available.

You may find a gym’s list of amenities beneficial when determining an appropriate fitness center to join. If you already belong to a fitness center, be sure to take another look at all of the amenities offered, as they will facilitate a broader approach to total health, fitness and mental well-being. For example, if the fitness center offers yoga classes and you have never performed yoga, consider giving it a try as it is an excellent way to improve your flexibility and coordination while relaxing your mind.

There are three predominant types of amenities at a fitness center. The first type of amenities are fitness oriented amenities, and these items are directed at meeting your fitness goals and needs.

The second type of amenities are focused on making it convenient and efficient for the member to consistently work out at the fitness center. The final type of amenities provided by fitness centers are those directed at the member’s comfort. The intent of this article is to discuss each of the three types of fitness center amenities in further detail.

Fitness Amenities

Fitness amenities are the primary reasons why individuals become members of fitness centers. Fitness amenities include all items associated with physical and mental health. For instance, circuit weight equipment, cardiovascular equipment (e.g. stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals), swimming pools, all forms of aerobic classes (e.g. step aerobics, traditional aerobics, Pilates, yoga), free weight areas, smoothie and protein bars, and martial arts classes are all directed at improving your physical and mental health.

Convenience Amenities

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With most individuals’ schedules being so hectic and busy, fitness center managers understand that the time a person can dedicate to a fitness routine is limited.

Because of this, many fitness center amenities are geared towards making it more convenient for the member to attend the fitness center on a regular basis.

Hence, virtually all large fitness centers will offer child daycare centers to their members. By doing so, it allows their members the ability to avoid the scheduling a babysitter to care for their children every time they what to visit the fitness center.

Most large fitness centers are open 7 days a week, and typical operating hours range from 5am to 11pm. This type of schedule provides a high level of convenience for even the most demanding schedules.

Another point of convenience is the fact that all fitness centers provide a shower and grooming area in each of the locker rooms. There are several fitness centers that even provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, blow dryers and curling irons. By providing these types of amenities, a fitness center is essentially allowing each of their members the ability to easily work out in the morning prior to work, or during the work lunch hour.

Snack, smoothie and protein drink bars are other fitness center amenities that are geared towards making it easier for the member to attend the facility and enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted workout. Many individuals, especially those who exercise in the morning and lunch timeframes, take advantage of the fact that they can perform their workout while grabbing a nutritious snack and a healthy drink.

Comfort Amenities

Most large fitness centers offer several comfort amenities. For example, the “wet” area of a fitness center can be very relaxing. There are several members that visit their fitness center after work solely to relax in the steam room and jacuzzi.

Over the last 5 to 10 years, yoga has gained popularity, and most large fitness centers now offer classes in yoga. The yoga classes are typically offered in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

Many members enjoy attending yoga classes due to the fact that yoga is designed to not only relax and calm the mind, but the body as well. For individuals that are looking to perform a more active form of yoga where the movements and poses are more challenging, it is recommended that you discuss the various types of yoga styles that are offered at their fitness center.

This being said, yoga is definitely an excellent choice as it has been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease stress and connect and calm the mind-body.

In addition to the previously mentioned comfort amenities that many of the fitness centers offer, there are also fitness centers that cater only to women. This is an item of appeal for many women that prefer to work out in a facility that only allows females.

Many fitness centers also provide amenities for individuals that enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage after a strenuous workout. Therapeutic massages are excellent for relaxing the muscles, flushing toxins from the muscle tissue, and relaxing the mind after a long day.

Finally, there are even some fitness centers that provide a location within the fitness center where members can congregate and socialize with the other members, complete with sofas and televisions.

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The amenities discussed in this article are just a few of the amenities that larger fitness centers offer to their members. While most members typically do not take advantage of all of the amenities that their fitness centers offer, it is a significant benefit to be able to choose the amenities that personally appeal to you.

In summary, always make sure that you carefully review all of the amenities that a fitness center provides to its members before choosing one to join. Spend some time giving thought to the amenities that you will utilize once you become a member of a fitness center, and the possible amenities that you may try in the future.

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