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Treadmill Exercise Equipment Reviews

treadmill equipment reviews

Treadmill exercise equipment is an excellent choice for individuals who are seeking to increase their cardiovascular condition and tone their entire body at the same time. Exercising on a treadmill is ideal for individuals who enjoy walking, jogging or running.

Regularly exercising on a treadmill provides an efficient cardiovascular workout, exercises the entire body, and requires a relatively small space for storage.

In addition, many treadmill models are available in a folding version to allow for even less space consumption when not in use.

Treadmill exercise equipment has been available for several years and is one of the most popular forms of indoor cardiovascular equipment. Below is a list of several of the health benefits associated with regularly exercising on a treadmill machine:

  • Promotes weight loss.

  • Burns approximately 700 calories per hour with moderate exertion.

  • Strengthens the heart and improves cardiovascular condition.

  • Improves strength and endurance.

  • Increases lean muscle density and tone.

  • Provides an overall body workout.

  • Improves bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Improves balance and coordination.

Below are our team’s recommendations for the top-rated treadmill manufacturers. Our review criteria facilitates a detailed and stringent analysis of each of the top-rated treadmill manufacturers so that our users can make an informed decision regarding which manufacturer will best meet their personal cardiovascular health and fitness goals.

Smooth Fitness – Treadmill Review


Smooth Fitness has over 25 years of experience in developing and selling treadmills, and has been rated the number one online fitness company for multiple years. Smooth Fitness technology creates innovative and durable treadmills at factory-direct prices.

Landice – Treadmill Review


Landice has been in the business of fitness, helping individuals find the right exercise equipment for their training needs, since 1967. Landice produces one of the highest quality, most durable, and most affordable treadmills on the market today.

Sole Fitness – Treadmill Review


Sole Fitness has typically marketed their treadmills to the hotel industry. The quality, integrity and variety of Sole Fitness treadmills has earned the company top ratings for quality from companies like Sole Fitness provides their same high quality treadmills, at competitive prices, to the public.

Life Fitness – Treadmill Review


Life Fitness markets their treadmill line both nationally and internationally. Life Fitness treadmills maintain a high quality rating, and their products offer their users a large variety of options across a wide range of workout intensities.

Nordic Track – Treadmill Review


Nordic Track began manufacturing fitness equipment in the 1980’s and started manufacturing treadmills in the 1990s. All of their products are of the highest level of quality and can be purchased through catalog, TV and online outlets.

Precor – Treadmill Review


Precor is part of the Amer Sports Corp. and has sought to be the leading international fitness company through dedication, research and ongoing product development. Precor is known for producing high quality treadmills at an affordable price.

ProForm – Treadmill Review


Pro Form specializes in manufacturing treadmills and produces one of the best developed and cost-effective treadmills on the market. Pro Form offers a large variety of options and features designed to effectively meet the needs of various users.

Nautilus – Treadmill Review


Nautilus Inc. has been an industry leader in the fitness industry for over 35 years and has a solid reputation for producing high quality treadmills at a reasonable price. Nautilus treadmills offer some of the best features and options available today.

Schwinn Fitness – Treadmill Review


The Schwinn Fitness brand is owned by Nautilus, the second largest corporation in the fitness equipment industry. Nautilus treadmills have become popular not only for at-home use, but at fitness and corporate centers throughout the world.

Bowflex – Treadmill Review


Bowflex has manufactured reasonably priced fitness products for over 35 years, focusing on treadmills and tread climbers. Bowflex uses consumer and professional athletic research to ensure that their fitness products exceed all industry standards.

Fuel Fitness – Treadmill Review


Fuel Fitness USA is a value-based company dedicated to providing online treadmill sales and service at the best cost for quality. All Fuel Fitness treadmills are designed for easy folding storage. Fuel Fitness has worked strategically to engineer a top quality treadmill without breaking their customer’s budget.

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