Thermage & Mesotherapy

Thermage & Mesotherapy

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Thermage and Mesotherapy are often used in conjunction (but several weeks apart) as a non-surgical alternative to the face lift. They work in entirely different ways as thermage employs radio frequencies and mesotherapy utilizes a series of injections.

However, their results are only amplified by the successful application of both types of skin treatment. Although they are usually regarded as such, thermage and mesotherapy treatments are not usually quite as effective as a face lift.

One of the primary reasons for the combination of the two skin treatment techniques is that while thermage can tighten and smooth away wrinkles on the face, it does not altogether address the problem of fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin. In its own way, mesotherapy acts as a form of liposuction to dissolve the fat cells below the surface of the skin and reduce the appearance of jowls and fatty tissue typically built up below the eye.

How does Thermage Work?

Thermage treatment is typically no more invasive than microdermabrasion. The laser that a thermage machine uses acts to cool the surface of the skin while heating deeper layers by using radio frequencies. By stimulating lower layers of skin with heat, collagen production is often renewed and skin is tightened by closing fiber gaps in the dermis. The collagen production gives skin a plumper appearance while the laser resurfacing pulls the skin over the newly stimulated pockets of collagen.

The purpose behind cooling the surface skin while heating the lower layers of skin serves to avoid incisions and recovery times after the procedure. If the surface of the skin is not cooled during the procedure, the laser actually begins to cut through the surface and into the lower dermis and subcutaneous layers, causing serious injury. As the laser used in thermage treatments is not as harsh as lasers used in laser resurfacing, injuries are very infrequent.

How does Mesotherapy Work?

Much like collagen and Botox injections, mesotherapy works by employing a series of injections into the middle and lower layers of skin to dissolve cellulite and fat deposits. Depending on the formula that your doctor decides upon, the solution that is injected may contain anesthetics, minerals, vitamins or other chemicals. These chemicals work together to first paralyze and then destroy fat cells. As a general rule, mesotherapy is usually followed by additional therapy to remove the dead cells from the lower layers of skin.

While some physicians disagree, mesotherapy tends to work in an additional way by binding fat cells to muscle tissue to increase the speed at which they are naturally burned by the body. Almost every doctor that employs mesotherapy has a different formula of chemicals and minerals to dissolve the fat cells. However, all chemicals that are chosen for injection are safe and usually approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Advantages of Thermage Treatment

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  1. There is no recovery time associated with a thermage treatment. In fact, there are many cases of patients receiving treatment during their lunch breaks from work. Hence, thermage is an out patient procedure.

  2. The cost of a thermage treatment is lower than other skin care treatments because no anesthesia is used during the procedure. This helps to reduce the total cost of the thermage skin care treatment.

  3. In contrast to surgical skin care procedures, thermage skin care treatments are typically free of blood and incisions of any kind.

  4. Because thermage skin care treatments work by cutting very small layers of skin where there are few or no pain receptors, only mild pain or discomfort is common during and after the thermage procedure.

Disadvantages of Thermage Treatment

  1. Thermage treatments are often unpredictable as to how extensive the results will be when compared to other methods of skin treatment.

  2. This type of therapy often yields very slow and barely noticeable results until up to six months after the procedure.

  3. The amount of time before treatment is needed again is shorter than other treatment methods such as laser resurfacing. Thermage treatment may be needed again as soon as two years after the initial procedure.

  4. When compared to other methods of skin treatment, thermage treatment is quite expensive. While the average cost of a single session is around $2,700 some physicians may charge up to $10,000 for each treatment.

Advantages of Mesotherapy

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  1. In many cases, mesotherapy skin care treatments has been shown to yield more natural looking results than liposuction procedures and other invasive fat reducing methods.

  2. In contrast to liposuction (which removes the entire fat cell and allows for redistribution) mesotherapy skin care procedures work by removing fat from the actual fat cells rather than destroying and redistributing these same cells.

  3. There is little or no time required for recovery after a mesotherapy skin care procedure.

  4. When compared to its chief competitor, liposuction, mesotherapy treatments are much cheaper.

    While the average cost of a liposuction procedure is approximately around $4,300, mesotherapy treatments generally costs around $1,600.

  5. Side effects and pain or discomfort from a mesotherapy procedure are generally mild if present at all.

Disadvantages of Mesotherapy

  1. Mesotherapy is still a quite new technique in skin treatment. Results are quite varied and some patients report no difference in their appearance after the procedure.

  2. While the ingredients used in mesotherapy are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they may not be approved for use in mesotherapy. Variances in the formula used in the procedure by each doctor can make results unreliable.

  3. There is a small chance of infection as the skin is punctured by a needle. This chance is greatly reduced in a controlled medical setting.

  4. Mesotherapy generally requires many sessions to be truly effective (5-10). Some physicians may bill for each session while others may bill for the entire program.

Is Thermage Right for You?

Thermage skin treatment can be a viable alternative to surgical procedures as it is non-invasive and can be done in only a single session. It has been shown to eliminate wrinkles, smooth fine lines, sharpen features and tighten skin. If you are uncomfortable with surgery or other non-surgical procedures, thermage can be your best option. However, thermage can be expensive even at its lowest cost. With costs ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, serious thought needs to be put into the necessity of such a procedure.

If you suffer from any condition that can be reduced by tightening the skin, thermage may be an excellent choice. Although it does claim to reduce the appearance of blemishes and other skin surface conditions, consider a treatment like laser surgery or a chemical peel before turning to thermage.

Is Mesotherapy Right for You?

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Mesotherapy skin care procedures has been considered to be a good alternative to treatments such as liposuction but have had mixed reviews as to its actual effectiveness. A 2004 survey revealed that only 62% of patients that underwent mesotherapy treatments were fully satisfied with the results. The inconsistency of injected formulas can also make the mesotherapy procedure risky if not trusted to a skilled professional.

However, mesotherapy skin care procedures have proven to be a much cheaper route than other surgical methods of fat reduction and some patients have championed fantastic results. Most problems associated with mesotherapy treatments can be avoided by talking to your medical professional about his/her particular formula and why they use that specific combination of ingredients. Many doctors will not charge for a brief screening and discussion of their methods before you set an actual appointment to have the procedure performed.

In all, mesotherapy have been proven to be a safe and viable alternative to liposuction. Hence, for individuals that are considering a treatment option to reduce the appearance of cellulite and/or fat deposits, mesotherapy treatments are well worth considering.

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