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The Type of Fitness Center that Fits You

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When choosing a fitness center, the first item to determine is your personal fitness goals. It is important to choose fitness activities that you enjoy and are motivated to perform.

For instance, if you enjoy walking, then include that activity in your fitness routine. Don’t be afraid to try new fitness activities if you have an interest in them. For example, if you have always wanted to learn to salsa dance, then now may be the time to enroll in a salsa class.

If you are not sure of the types of fitness exercises you would enjoy, it may be necessary to try several activities and thereafter determine the activities you find enjoyable.

The primary considerations in choosing a series of fitness activities are that you enjoy the exercises, the exercises are activities that you are motivated to continue doing over the long run, and the exercises address and facilitate the obtainment of your personal fitness goals.

Determine Personal Fitness Goals

Example Fitness Goals

  1. Lose 28 pounds of body weight

  2. Increase your lean muscle mass

  3. Increase your cardiovascular endurance

  4. Lower your cholesterol level and your blood pressure

  5. Decrease your stress level

  6. Increase your flexibility, balance and coordination

Determine Activities you Enjoy

Once you have determined your personal fitness goals, it is time to determine what type of fitness activities you would enjoy. An example fitness routine to address all of the personal fitness goals listed above could consist of the following activities:

Example Fitness Routine

  1. Brisk walking 3 times per week (no less than 30 minutes per session)

  2. Weight training 2 times per week (train all muscle groups per session)

  3. Yoga no less than 3 times per week

NOTE: It is highly recommended that, in order to expedite the achievement of your personal weight loss goals, you modify your typical dietary intake to that of a healthy, low-fat and nutritious diet. For additional information, please visit the weight loss section of our website. The fitness routine outlined above, coupled with a sensible dietary approach, would meet all of the personal fitness goals defined earlier in this article.

Define Workout Schedule

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Now that you have determined your personal fitness goals and defined the types of physical activities you may enjoy, it is time to define your workout schedule.

For instance, you may decide to walk in the morning prior to work or getting the children off to school. Furthermore, you may determine that the best mornings on which to walk are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

You may prefer to conduct the weight training portion of your exercise routine during your lunch break, or in the afternoons prior to your children coming home from school. The days on which you plan to weight train may be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The final activity to add to your personal workout schedule is yoga. Yoga can be performed at home with instructional DVDs or VHS tapes, or you can become a member of a yoga center.

In this example we will assume that you are going to become a member of either a yoga or fitness center.

If you are planning to weight train at a fitness center, then it would be a good idea to locate a fitness center that offers yoga classes on the days and times in which you would like to partake in yoga. For example, you may locate a fitness center that is open 7 days a week with operating hours from 6am until 10pm.

If you successfully locate a fitness center that has weight training equipment and offers yoga classes in the evening, then you may decide to perform the yoga after you have completed your weight training routine (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). On the other hand, you may decide that you would prefer to perform the yoga on the days in which you walk in the mornings (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Under this scenario, the operating hours of the fitness center, coupled with the schedule for the yoga classes, will allow you to perform your workout routine as desired.

In any event, the decision is yours. It is always recommended that you assemble a fitness routine that best fits your personal lifestyle. By doing so, you will improve the probability of sticking with your fitness routine and making it a part of your overall lifestyle.

Putting it All Together

Now that you have determined your personal fitness goals, the types of physical activities you are going to perform, and the days on which you will perform them, it’s time to determine which fitness centers meet all of your conditions. Beyond the availability of the equipment and facilities themselves, consider the following factors when choosing a fitness center:

  1. Location of the fitness center relative to your personal residence and/or work (or wherever you will be coming from prior to your workout)

  2. Cost of membership

  3. Availability of personal trainers

  4. Atmosphere of the fitness center

  5. Quality of the instructors

  6. Cleanliness of the fitness center

  7. Condition of the equipment

  8. Similarity between the current members and yourself (personality, fitness goals, etc.)

  9. Daycare facilities (if necessary)

One additional item to consider is the type of activities you will be performing in the near future, after you have improved upon your initial physical condition. If you are looking to primarily strength-train, a gym or a fitness center may be the perfect choice. However, if you are primarily focused on increasing your cardiovascular health and endurance, an aerobic center or a fitness center may be your preferred choice.

If you enjoy playing basketball or golf and want to become more seriously involved in one of those activities in the future, an athletic club may be the right choice. However, if you do not know the types of activities in which you will want to participate, the best choice is to become a member of a larger fitness center that provides a wide array of different exercise options.

Participate in a Class

Prior to choosing a fitness center and purchasing a membership, it is advisable to attend several different types of classes at several different fitness centers. For instance, you may believe that you’ll enjoy dance classes or weight training at first, only to quickly realize that you do not actually care for those specific types of physical activity. Participating in a day or two of classes prior to becoming a member will allow you the opportunity to evaluate the facilities, the level of the instructor’s knowledge, the atmosphere of the fitness center, the number of individuals in the class, and the types of individuals that attend the class.

aerobics class

Since each type of fitness center attracts a different set of people, you may find that you are more comfortable at a specific gym with like-minded individuals. If you are to be successful at achieving your personal fitness goals, you must become a member of a fitness center with which you feel comfortable.

A casual exerciser, for example, may not feel comfortable at a gym dominated by hardcore athletes. Although you will be able to achieve a good workout at virtually any quality fitness center, if you do not feel comfortable working out at the facility, you will most likely stop attending within a short period of time.

For this reason, it is important to consider the existing client base before becoming member. Finally, by taking the time to consider several of the points presented in this article prior to joining a fitness center, you will ensure that the facility that you choose will not only meet your current and future fitness goals, but also provide you with a comfortable facility that you enjoy attending.

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