Target Heart Rate Tools

Target Heart Rate Tools

target heart rate tools

Determining and knowing what your target heart rate is can be especially beneficial for individuals that regularly perform an exercise routine. In addition, an individual can monitor their heart rate across several different types of exercises to determine which type of exercise elevates their heart rate the highest.

For example, for an individual that wishes to achieve an aerobic effect, through performing some form of cardiovascular activity, they must elevate the heart rate to their target heart rate and maintain that level for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes.

In addition, by calculating your target heart rate, and thereafter, monitoring your heart rate while you are actually exercising you will be able to evaluate the degree in which you are forcing your heart to work. By knowing the actual rate in which you elevate your heart rate during your exercise session you will be able to gauge your level of intensity and adjust it accordingly to achieve an aerobic effect.

Our target heart rate tool is designed to calculate your target heart rate based on your current fitness level and across several percentages of your target heart rate. In addition, your maximum heart rate is also calculated and displayed.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

This tool is used to measure your target heart rate based on your resting heart rate and your current age. From there, you can calculate the precise heart rate range that you wish to achieve when performing an exercise routine.

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