Description Of The Injury: A sprain is an injury that involves the over stretching of an ligament where it can be strained or even torn. There are six degrees of sprains ranging from a very mild sprain that is a simple tear or stretch of the offending ligament to a serious strain where the foot is broken. The former requires only gentle treatment methods while the latter can result in amputation of the foot.

Injury Symptoms: Symptoms of a sprain include inflammation in the area (most commonly the ankle), pain in the area that suffered the sprain, swelling and a loss of mobility or elasticity in the joint that has been injured. In extreme cases, pain can be severe and there can be a complete loss of mobility in the area.

Additional Information

Home Treatments: Most sprains can be treated at home using rest, ice, compression and elevation (R.I.C.E. method). Such treatment is necessary to keep swelling to minimum and assist in the healing process. If the swelling is reduced, a pooling of fluid that prevents healing can be prevented.

Professional Medical Treatments : Depending on the extent of the injury, professional medical treatment may be necessary for the inclusion of prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery to repair broken or torn ligaments or possible extended surgery or amputation in the absolute most severe of cases.

Physical Therapy And Exercises: For most sprains, physical therapy is usually light in the form of simple stretches and strength exercises while preventing putting direct weight on the joint. In most cases, regular physical activity can resume within 2 or 3 days.

Exercise Techniques To Prevent Injury: Not only can stretching for 10-15 minutes before physical activity prevent sprains, but cooling down after physical activity with a small light activity session or simple stretches can prevent the development of a sprain over time. Maintaining strength conditioning and mobility through a regular stretching routine will also prevent most sprains from occurring.

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