Sports Fitness

Sports Fitness

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One of the primary reasons why many individuals begin to take an active interest in their general level of health and fitness is to improve their performance in a particular sport.

Participating in a sport requires that an individual be in peak physical and mental condition if they are going to compete at a high level and have a reasonable chance of winning. The primary logic of sports dictates that the person or team that is most skilled in all aspects of the game being played will prevail victorious the majority of the time.

To excel in any sport, an individual must possess the necessary skill sets, physical requirements, and mental focus and motivation. In many ways, the individual that is victorious in their specific sport is the person who has been able to better train their body, increase their physical capabilities, and maintain a higher level of mental focus.

By doing, so, an individual will create a competitive advantage that will increase their probability of not only being competitive at their sport, but victorious as well.

Sports fitness requires that an individual take a slightly different approach to improving their level of fitness. Sports fitness requires an expert level of knowledge of the sport, as well as an understanding of the physical and mental requirements necessary to succeed. The quicker an individual gains the knowledge and understanding of a particular sport, the quicker they can design a fitness routine that specifically focuses on the key aspects of that sport. The goal of this section of our website is to provide a basic definition of how each sport is played, and describe the physical and mental requirements needed for one to be successful at that sport.

Areas Covered in this Section

  1. Description of the sport and how it is played

  2. Physical skill set required to play the sport

  3. Fitness and training programs specifically designed for the sport

  4. Typical injuries associated with the sport

The information discussed within this section of our website will extend far beyond the time spent in the weight room. In fact, our goal is to explain in full detail all of the various aspects associated with creating a complete athlete.

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This will include tips on how to improve your dietary intake to better meet the demands placed on your body, as well as the mental aspects associated with reaching your full potential.

To believe that sports fitness ends in the weight room would be a serious mistake – a mistake that would severely limit your probability of success in the sport you have chosen.

Individuals vary a great deal in respect to their genetic predispositions and natural athletic ability. In other words, individuals that are not as athletically gifted will have to train at a higher level and with an increased level of focus if they are to excel at the sport in which they are competing.

Not only will that individual have to consistently train and focus at a higher level, but they will also need to have a greater understanding of how the sport is played and their specific role within the sport. Doing so will create a competitive advantage for the lesser athlete, hence minimizing the physical advantage realized by the superior athlete.

For example, Wayne Gretzky is considered one of the greatest hockey players of all time. Although he was not the fastest skater on the ice, nor the biggest or strongest player, he was one of the most effective players.

When asked why he was so good at ice hockey, Wayne Gretzky stated that he was able to predict where the puck was going to be before it was actually there. By having this ability, he was better able to position himself, thus creating a competitive advantage over his opponents. In other words, Wayne Gretzky was able to see the game of ice hockey unfold with a higher level of understanding, and place himself in a location on the ice that the other team was not prepared to defend. By creating a competitive advantage similar to the previous example, an individual that is not as physically gifted as their competition will increase their probability of success.

Knowledge is a Competitive Advantage

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In regards to sports fitness, knowledge of the specific sport should be viewed as a competitive advantage. In any sport (individual sport or team sport), the goal is to determine where there are any potential competitive advantages, whether physical or mental, and then exploit those advantages to prevail victorious.

This approach can and should be applied in both sports and business. Knowledge about your specific sport and its fitness requirements, coupled with focus, determination and hard work, will create a competitive advantage that you will be able to bring to each and every sporting event in which you compete. In addition, these exact same principles and approaches can be applied within the business world as well.

By truly understanding how the sport is played, and the associated fitness requirements necessary to competitively play the sport, you will be better equipped to train your body in a fashion that will minimize your probability of injury. This will not only improve your level of play, but also your level of enjoyment and the longevity with which you are able to play the sport.

The information discussed within this section of our website is a compilation of the latest research provided by the medical and sports medicine industries. Our goal is to parse through all of the sport-related information, studies and theories, and provide you with the latest sports training information available. By doing so, our hope is that you will be better able to enhance your level of success, competitiveness and enjoyment in the sport you have chosen.

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