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Proactol Weight Loss Review


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Proactol is a weight loss supplement designed to absorb some of the fat you eat while suppressing your appetite and reducing food cravings. The pill is endorsed by several doctors, and has been shown to effectively stimulate weight loss in some individuals.


  • Clinically proven to absorb up to 28% of fat intake
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No known side effects

  • Expensive
  • Several pills required per day
  • Not approved by the FDA as an appetite suppressant

Weight Loss Method

Proactol is a fat binder, meaning that it absorbs some of the fat that you ingest. Normally, the human body absorbs the vast majority of the fat that it intakes. The Proactol pill will absorb up 28% of this fat, in addition to suppressing your appetite. recommends that you take 2-3 Proactol pills after a typical meal, and 3-4 pill after a meal with a high fat content. This dosage will cause you to lose weight. If you only want to maintain your current weight, you can take 1-2 pills after a normal meal, and 2-3 pills after a fatty meal. You’ll probably burn through a one month supply in only a couple of weeks if you’re taking Proactol to lose weight, especially if you frequently eat meals high in fat.


The Proactol pill includes a soluble fiber and a non-soluble fiber. The non-soluble fiber creates a gel around up to 28% of the fat you eat, allowing it to pass through your body. The soluble fiber slows down your digestion and suppresses your appetite, just as fiber would from any other food. The FDA has not certified Proactol as an appetite suppressant, though some users find that it does reduce food cravings. There is no doubt, however, that Proactol is effective at absorbing some of the fat you eat.

Health Benefits

Proactol claims that taking their dietary supplement will help you to maintain an overall sense of well-being, but they don’t provide any specific information beyond this. The pill is designed to help you lose weight and suppress food cravings, though any health benefits beyond this are unlikely.

Clinical Studies

A 2003 CERN in-vivo clinical study showed that Proactol absorbs 27.4% of your fat intake. A TNO in-vitro gastrointestinal test with a typical American breakfast lowered this number to 23%. Another TNO in-vitro study showed a 28.4% absorption rate. However, these studies provide little information regarding how any people were tested and the number of tests that were performed.


Proactol pills consist entirely of natural, organic plant extract. The pill is free of artificial ingredients and chemicals, though it is important to note that the pill contains trace amounts of oxalic acid, a substance found naturally in green plants. There are no artificial colors, flavors, salt, or preservatives in Proactol.

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Safety And Side Effects

There are currently no known side effects of Proactol, but you should still be cautious when trying any weight loss pill. Children under 12 and pregnant or nursing women should not take Proactol. It is advisable to take a multivitamin each day you take Proactol, and to do so more than two hours before using the weight loss pill. If you are a diabetic patient, or if you take cholesterol-reducing medication, it is important to talk to your doctor before trying Proactol. People with kidney stones or kidney disease should not take Proactol.

Cost Of Product

Proactol is available for purchase from for $79.95 for a 1 month supply, including 120 pills. Customers can save money by purchasing Proactaol is larger quantities. The most cost-effective way to buy Proactol is to opt for their Platinum Saving Deal, which includes 8 months of pills and some additional weight-loss materials such as healthy recipes and aerobic videos. This pricing plan costs $340.95, or $42.62 per month of pills. It may be wiser, however, to try a single month of Proactol first to be sure that you see results.


As with any weight loss pill, your mileage may vary. It’s important to have a complete weight loss plan, including a healthy diet and regular exercise, in order to see the full benefits of Proactol.

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Effectiveness 9.0
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