Breathing Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama Breathing Yoga

The word Pranayama actually means “lengthening of breath” and is a key component to almost every type of yoga. This practice is basic to the study of breathing Pranayama yoga.

In fact, virtually every exercise found within a study of this type is designed to help you develop better respiratory power and control. It is so basic, it can be thought of as the essential component of yoga.

All the yoga types incorporate breathing methods, but one can practice Pranayama with or without the performing the poses. Simply stated, the pranayama breathing exercises are effective at providing health benefits on their own.

As you might expect, Pranayama yoga is not only popular within the spiritual and fitness circles, but also quite popular among some wind musicians.

Types of Movements

Pranayama is all about breathing. You can practice the techniques in poses or simply in a comfortable position. There are many different breathing techniques in Pranayama. Each of them has their own uses and benefits. Some are invigorating and energizing. Others are calming and relaxing. Because of this flexibility, Pranayama is easy to incorporate into other exercise or everyday life.

Practicing Pranayama can help bring fresh, oxygenated blood to any muscles that need it, but many of the benefits of the breathing techniques are to the mind and emotions. Pranayama can clear away stress and put one’s mind into a calmer state. It is also used to connect with the spirit and work at achieving a higher level of peace and spiritual well-being.

Mental and Physical Requirements

The breathing techniques of Pranayama can be done by anyone, regardless of his or her fitness level, limitations or physical disabilities. It is important to concentrate on the techniques, however, so you need to clear your mind and do the exercises deliberately and consciously.

Equipment Requirements

  • Mat
  • Yoga Blanket
  • Comfortable, Breathing Clothes

Mental and Physical Benefits


  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Attention
  • Increased Social Skills
  • Decreased Hostility
  • Improved Well-Being


  • Decreased EMG Activity
  • Increased Endurance
  • Decreased Respiratory Rate
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Cardiovascular Efficiency

Aerobic Effect

Pranayama Breathing Yoga

Some of the breathing techniques of Pranayama can elevate the heart rate and increase circulation on their own. When used in conjunction with other activities they can greatly increase the aerobic effect of those exercises. 20 Instagram followers

Incorporating Pranayama into your daily life is a good way to increase the amount of aerobic exercise you get.

Pranayama takes no specific equipment to perform. It can be done while exercising, or seated comfortably. It is a very versatile skill to add to have. There are many different techniques in Pranayama, delivering various benefits.

Everyone has exposure to how beneficial purposeful breathing can be. Just think of Lamaze. Pranayama can provide aerobic effects and bring more oxygen to the muscles. It is also a very good practice for calming your mind and achieving a sense of peace.

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