Injuries By Body Part

Physical Injuries By Body Part

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Physical Injuries can be devastating to the individual that has been injured and to the ones that are close to them. In addition, often times the overall quality of life and the mental attitude of the individual may be affected as well.

Physical injuries have the ability to be debilitating and, in some instances, may alter a large portion of the injured individual’s life. For these reasons, it is important to not only address the physical injury itself, but also the mental aspects associated with the injury as well.

The intent of this section of our web site is to discuss several of the more common types of physical injuries. More specifically, this section will discuss the specific details associated with each type of injury.

For example, what the physical injury actually caused to the body part, the common symptoms associated with each of the injury types, the “at-home” and professional medical approaches/options that can be taken to resolve the injury, typical recovery times, and any long term physical limitations that may result from the injury. In addition, it is highly recommended that all injuries be evaluated by a medical professional and/or physician.

Below you will find all of the physical injuries categorized by body part. Simply click on the specific body part that you wish to research. Thereafter, a list of injuries associated with the specific body part will be displayed. Simply click on the specific injury of interest to review a detailed description of the injury, common symptoms of the injury, “at-home” treatments and approaches, professional medical treatments and approaches, common physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation approaches, and exercise techniques to prevent the injury from occurring. All injuries under this section are categorized by body part.

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