How often should a Person Achieve an Aerobic Effect per Week

How Often Should You Achieve an Aerobic Effect?

Aerobic Exercise

How long should I workout for? What is the best length of exercise time to achieve an aerobic effect? These are both important questions that you will need to answer based on several key factors associated with your current lifestyle.

Any type of cardiovascular workout that increases your heart rate to your target heart rate, or higher, for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes, or longer, will achieve an aerobic effect.

However, if you walk three times a day for 10 minutes each session, and obtain your target heart rate each exercise session, you will not have achieved an aerobic effect as you did not maintain your target heart rate for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes.

Your body is the important factor during any type of workout and the frequency you may workout. You may have to start out slow and only do 20 minute workouts, increasing the time over a couple of weeks. Doing this will increase your stamina and allow you to achieve a longer aerobic workout with a more pronounced aerobic effect.

But there is no hard and fast rule for frequency of aerobic training, as many health professionals continue to debate the proper amount. For example, some professionals recommend achieving an aerobic effect for 30 minutes a day on most days of the week, simply to reduce the risk of heart disease and take advantage of general health benefits.

Aerobic Workout Program Containing the Correct Frequency

Warm up during each workout session should be done three days a week. You should take five to ten minutes to do aerobic activity at a much slower pace. This will elevate you heart at a slow rate, heat your muscles and tissues, and increase blood flow to the various parts of your body. Once you have warmed up, you can do some light stretches to help loosen your muscles and help reduce injuries. Make sure your stretches include the target muscles of your workout.

Work on the progression of your workout. The demand of your workout should constantly increase, allowing full room for an aerobic effect. The intensity of your workout will help you achieve your aerobic effect at a safe pace. All of this will happen in a three day session of 20 to 60 minute workouts. If you enjoy swimming and participating in water aerobics, you should still maintain the same duration and frequency as you would doing any other type of aerobics.


Exercise Tip

The American College of Sports and Medicine recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic workouts for five days a week. They also recommend at least 3 days of high-intensity activity, for 20 minutes, such as running. In essence, the more active you are on a daily basis the better you become at reaching an aerobic effect.

If you take part in an aerobic class, your instructor will help you as the classes normally last around an hour, with only 45 minutes of a workout while using the other time to warm up and cool down. Sometimes, instructors will also add some abdominal workouts at the end of the workout session for a quick muscle toning process. cvv store

Aerobic Exercise

No matter what type of aerobic activity you choose to perform, it is important to understand the frequency of an aerobic effect. Your body will prosper from these 3-day workouts and you will see results much sooner than if you overwork your body and become dehydrated because the oxygen flow is unable to keep up.

Finding a workout partner to join you in performing your three day per week workouts, perhaps after work, will assist you in maintaining a higher level of workout consistency.

If you can find the perfect workout partner, you will find that performing the correct frequency in order to achieve a full aerobic effect will be much easier. Your partner can push you to get the maximum aerobic effect at the correct frequency.

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