Healthy Dietary Food Programs

Dietary Food Programs

dietary weight loss programs

Some of the most popular dietary food programs are Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. These programs are designed by professionals who understand food, proportions and counting calories. They will help you to better understand the whole process.

Weight Watchers is well known for its counseling and group meetings that allow others that are also dieting to share the progress of their diet plan as well. It is best to research and pick the best program for you as an individual.

Weight Watchers

Similar Program to: Jenny Craig, Mayo Clinic Diet

Program Focus: Weight Loss

Program Promise: Two Lbs. Lost Weekly

Weight Watchers takes the calorie-counting approach and adds a point system called the Weight Watchers’ PointPlus Program. Each food on the program’s menu is assigned a certain number of points based on the protein, fat, fiber, calories, and carbohydrates present in the food. Menu choices that keep you fuller longer (such as those high in protein and fiber) are assigned the least points, while foods high in empty calories cost more points. Followers of the program are limited to a certain amount of points each day to help them cut calories without sacrificing nutrients.

Weight Watchers has also been credited with helping followers make lifestyle changes instead of set temporary weight loss as their primary goal. There is no fixed membership period. Members can stay on the program even after they’ve reached their goal weights. As far as the programs effectiveness, one 2006 British Medical Journal study found that after one year, 20 out of 33 program participants were still participating in the program. The program was more effective for people that attended group meetings than tried to do the program solo.


Similar Program to: Jenny Craig, Glycemic-Index Diet

Program Focus: Weight Loss, Diabetes Prevention and Control

Program Promise: Gradual Weight Loss

Nutrisystem has grown increasingly popular in recent years. This dietary program claims to help you to lose weight by mailing you the correct proportions of needed right to your front door. They send breakfast meals, lunch, dinner and even desserts; you choose a 28-day plan that suits you as an individual. They also have pre-packaged favorite meals that set up the entire month for you, if you are a bit nervous as to what to eat and want to make sure you do not eat too much. You can place your order separate or set up a recurring order, so that you do not have to worry about remembering to reorder every month.

Next, you will receive your order within a few days and you can begin your diet plan. You do not have to worry about your diet as you already have your meals planned and precooked. Food is available for as little as $11 a day. You can combine Nutrisystem with healthy grocery food as well. Fruit is welcome anytime as well as raw vegetables. You can check out their diet plan to find other foods that you can add to complete your diet.

Jenny Craig

Similar Program to: Volumetrics, Nutrisystem, Slim-Fast

Program Focus: Weight Loss

Program Promise: Lose Up to Two Pounds Per Week

Jenny Craig works in a similar way to Nutrisystem, as followers receive a personal meal plan, together with an exercise schedule. Jenny Craig members are also given one-on-one weight loss counseling every week. Although counselors are not nutrition professionals (anyone can take the training course for counseling certification). Counselors do have access to registered dietitians that work with Jenny Craig if members have specific health questions, but counselors typically provide more moral support and diet advice than medical answers.

One of the difficult aspects of the program, like Nutrisystem, is that members must eat only prepackaged Jenny Craig foods until losing 50 percent of the goal weight loss. But food is supplied for three meals a day, as well as two snacks. As well as coming with dinner, dessert is a popular feature of the program that gives members the feeling of “splurging.” While registration can be expensive (sometimes more than $400) and weekly meals can cost around $100 per week, Jenny Craig offers a promotion that rewards members with a 50 percent refund of the registration fee if they stay within five pounds of their goal weight for one year following their completion of the program. Corona CA professional electrical contractor

weight loss success

Dietary food programs can be helpful alternatives to those who struggle with portion or calorie control. Programs that include prepackaged meals are often expensive, but offer low-risk diets for members struggle with food choices. Members typically struggle with programs’ strict meal requirements when eating out.

A program like Weight Watchers addresses this by offering members books filled with point values for meals at restaurants around the United States, as well as advice for tallying points on foods not included in the book.

Jenny Craig offers members more flexibility than many other dietary food programs. Members are allowed to drink alcohol in moderation, and can enjoy caffeinated drinks. This makes sense with Jenny Craig’s reputation for providing desserts like chocolate fudge cookies to help members lose weight without sacrificing the foods they enjoy eating. While a proper diet and regular exercise are all that’s needed to lose weight and help manage conditions like type 2 diabetes, dietary food programs offer dieters a solid, healthy alternative.

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