Getting Started Exercises

Getting Started Exercise Program Reviews

getting started exercise program reviews

The Getting Started Exercise Programs are ideal for individuals that have not been exercising on a regular basis, have not exercised in several years, or are unfamiliar with what type of exercises should be included within an exercise routine. Whether the reason for not exercising has been a lack of focus or desire to exercise, a lack of time to perform an exercise routine, or an injury, the Getting Started Exercise Programs are a great place to start.

Each Getting Started program typically requires 15 to 60 minutes to complete and focuses on cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, abdominal and core strengthening, muscle toning, balance, coordination and flexibility.

In addition, several of the getting started exercise programs include dietary recommendations designed to address Type 2 diabetes and exercises that focus on relieving stress and anxiety.

Below are our team’s recommendations for the top-rated Getting Started Exercise Programs. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and stringent analysis of each of the top-rated exercise programs so that our users can make an educated decision as to which program will best meet their personal health and fitness goals.

Tai Cheng


The Tai Cheng fitness program is ideal for individuals that are looking to perform a low impact exercise routine that is designed to lengthen all soft tissue, improve balance and coordination, increase joint range of motion, reduce stress, and calm the mind. The fitness program is also beneficial for individuals that are recovering from an injury as well.

Body Gospel


The Body Gospel fitness program combines fitness, nutrition and gospel music to elevate your spirit and condition your body. The fitness program includes cardiovascular, core, strength, interval training and stretching to create a well-rounded and effective exercise program. The program also includes a nutritional booklet packed with nutritional and healthy recipes.

Slim in 6


The Slim in 6 fitness program combines cardiovascular and light resistance exercises to promote weight loss and muscle tone in 6 weeks. The program includes multiple workouts, an exercise and nutrition guidebook, a motivational calendar, a tape measure, a 6-day express diet plan and training resistance bands.

Turbo Jam


The Turbo Jam fitness program combines high intensity exercise moves with dance-like body movements. The fitness program is a high calorie burning exercise routine that is intended for individuals seeking to lose weight, reduce their percentage of body fat, and improve their cardiovascular endurance.

Brazil Butt Lift


The Brazil Butt Lift fitness program provides an excellent overall body workout. The program utilizes the “TriAngle Training” method to work all three major muscles of the buttocks. These exercises work the buttocks from multiple angles and are designed to reduce your hips and thighs, eliminate saddlebags, and create a perfectly rounded derriere.

Power 90


The Power 90 fitness program is designed to achieve a better overall body and state of health that includes weight loss and reductions in your waistline, thighs and upper arms, as well as slightly improving your overall strength. The program includes a dietary guideline that is designed to promote safe and effective weight loss.

Kathy Smiths Project: You! Type 2


The Kathy Smith’s Project: You! Type 2 program is designed to prevent and manage Type 2 diabetes. It was produced in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association and focuses on lifestyle changes related to exercise and dietary habits.

Yoga Booty Ballet: Ab & Butt Makeover


The Yoga Booty Ballet Ab & Butt Makeover fitness program is primarily designed for women and focuses on weight loss, light strength training, balance and flexibility, including components of ballet, and the use of a weighted ball and resistance band.

Rockin Body


The Rockin Body fitness program is a cardiovascular exercise routine designed to reduce excess body weight and promote weight loss through the burning of a high number of calories. The program is primarily dance-based, but also includes a low resistance strength training workout that focuses on increasing muscular strength as well.

Yoga Booty Ballet: Pure & Simple


TheYoga Booty Ballet’s Pure & Simple fitness program addresses both mind and body and focuses on flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance and mood. The program includes three levels of difficulty, allowing for advancement over time.

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