General Fitness

General Fitness

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Living a life that is filled with good health, fitness, and mental well-being requires regularly exercising, consuming a well-balanced whole foods diet, and taking the time to calm and center the mind. A few statistics may give you a better idea of the general fitness level of the average American. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that nearly one-third of all Americans are obese.

In addition, a recent study conducted by Matthew Reeves of Michigan State University concluded that approximately 3% of Americans consistently lead a “healthy” lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle, as defined by Reeves, is a lifestyle that includes a healthy and nutritious diet, a healthy weight level, and a minimum of thirty minutes of physical exercise five days a week.

These two statistics highlight and represent the epidemic of poor health that a large majority of Americans are facing today. Simply put, most Americans, including both adults and children, are not living a healthy lifestyle.

General fitness, as defined by our website, includes incorporating a healthy and nutritious diet, physical activity, rest and relaxation, and mental stability and well-being into one’s daily lifestyle.

Since the words “general fitness” encompass such a large concept, virtually everyone can determine an approach that best facilitates their own obtainment of a healthy lifestyle. Most individuals have a certain perception in their minds of what “getting healthy” involves.

While many of these common sense perceptions are valid, there are many less-obvious ways in which one can go about improving their general fitness levels. This website intends to provide a number of different tips, articles and approaches that can be implemented immediately into virtually any lifestyle, regardless of age and current level of health.

Our Mission

Our goal at is to adequately explain and outline every factor that is involved in obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes dieting, exercising, and the various mental aspects associated with the challenge of making a positive change to one’s lifestyle.

Choosing to improve your personal level of general fitness requires not only a physical change, but a mental change as well. Being lazy, out of shape and mentally unfit is easy to accomplish. Why? Because it takes no effort.

This fact can be supported by simply viewing the statistics detailing the incredibly small percentage of people who actually lead a healthy lifestyle.

By knowing ahead of time that being physically fit requires effort, focus, discipline and determination, you will be better prepared to achieve your own personal fitness goals.

This website is designed to meet the needs of all individuals that are interested in improving their overall level of physical fitness. This includes everyone from the severely obese to the person who is already physically fit and simply looking to add to their breadth of knowledge. It is also our intent to avoid discussions associated with any unproven approaches or gimmicks relevant to obtaining good health.

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about improving your overall fitness level. The tips and strategies offered on this website have been extensively researched and have been proven to be safe and effective. While there may be differing opinions among the various medical and fitness communities, in relation to some of the more detailed aspects of fitness, the approaches and ideas presented on our website will focus solely on the most widely accepted, statistically-proven methods available


It is highly recommended that our users revisit our website on a regular basis, as we will be constantly updating our content to provide the most up-to-date and accurate fitness and health information available. Results from ongoing research and medical studies are constantly being produced.

This, in turn, allows us to continually update our website with the most current breakthroughs associated with good health, fitness, and mental well-being. This being said, our single most important goal is to keep pace with this flow of information and knowledge, and thereafter present it to you as quickly as possible.

Remember, while we can provide you with all of the latest research related to good health and fitness, it is up to you to make use of this information and implement the techniques and approaches into your overall lifestyle.

By educating yourself on the issues associated with general fitness, you have already taken a very large and important first step. We encourage you to use this information to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed in your efforts to improve your overall level of fitness.

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