Gain Weight Effectively

The Best Way To Gain Weight Effectively

Let’s face it, there are effect ways to put on weight and ineffective ways to put weight on. Essentially, the effect ways are the ways that put on weight in a healthy fashion and keep the weight on. The ineffective ways involve rapid weight gain and unhealthy practices. The question is, what is the best way to gain weight. The answer to this is pretty strait forward. Increase you caloric intake from healthy, nutritious sources. In this article the best way to gain weight will be briefly outlined.

Take It Slow

There is not healthy way to quickly pack on the pounds. If you want to put weight on the healthy way then your simply going to have to be patient. When you are working out hard on a consistent basis you are going to be burning a ton of calories. When you are burning so many calories, it is going to be very hard to take in enough calories to provide for an excess amount. You are likely only going to be able to accumulate small caloric excess and this means that you weight gain is only going to take place over an extended period of time.

Eat Five Meals A Day

This may sound like a ton but it is the recommend amount for those who are serious about putting weight on. Essentially, you want to eat a hearty breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and then a meal before you go to sleep. These meal should also be supplemented by nutritious snacks in between. You also want to consume a large amount of high calorie drinks with these meals. Water simply doesn’t provide you with enough calories to put on the weight you desire. Things such as milkshakes, juice, milk, and sports drinks are your best bet. If you have to miss a meal it is a good idea to try and supplement the missed meal with a high protein, high carb energy bar.

Avoid Junk Food

Many believe that the best way to gain weight involve eating a lot of fatty foods. While you do want to incorporate some fat into your diet, a majority of your calories should come from lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Putting on muscle mass is not an excuse to eat fast food five times a week. This kind of extra weight does not translate into muscles. Putting on this kind of weight is actually counter-productive and will likely negate many of your weight training efforts.

Stay Motivated

Taking in this many calories is not an easy thing to do and there are times when you are simply not going to feel like eating. If you want to gain weight effectively you have to remain focused and you have to avoid deviating from you diet as much as possible.

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