Consult Your Physician

Consult Your Physician

consult physician

Before beginning any exercise program, it is important to consult a physician about your current state of health and any problems that could arise during your selected form of exercise.

A physician can tell you if you are healthy enough for physical activity and what to expect in the coming months. Many people skip this all too important step as they feel that they can tell if their body is ready or not. Doing so can be unhealthy and dangerous.

Some conditions within the body are hard to self diagnose. For example, if you have a small kidney or liver problem, heavy exercise would increase blood flow and possibly cause the problem to become worse.

In addition, everyone can benefit from an extra check up at the doctor. Many serious conditions, if recognized early by a physician, can be solved readily without risking a longer and more severe illness. Consulting your physician is one of the best things that you can do for your health.

Choosing A Physician

Choosing a physician can sometimes be hard work. Some people are comfortable with any doctor while others like to know and trust one before relying on any information that they give them. Whatever you choose to do, you should know how to choose the right doctor for you.

Consider looking for a physician that:

  • Has a reputation for giving good quality advice.

  • Has both trained and gained experience in the fields that concern you.

  • Regularly shows interest in preventative techniques. (Tells you to quit drinking, etc.)

  • >Has been at their hospital long enough to get whatever he/she needs for your care quickly.

  • Is a recognized physician by your health insurance company.

  • Regularly asks you what questions you have.

  • Is a good listener.

  • Avoids using technical language that you may not understand.

  • Respects your feelings and opinions.

  • Makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

After choosing a few doctors, pay them a visit for a regular health check up. It is a good idea to choose 2 or 3 doctors that meet your criteria for selection. After each check up, ask yourself a few questions.

Did the doctor:

  1. Allow an opportunity for a question or two?

  2. Actually pay attention to the question(s) I asked?

  3. Keep the language simple when answering?

  4. Show me the respect I think that I deserve?

  5. Have any questions for me?

  6. Maintain a comfortable environment?

  7. Spend time with the issues I had rather than immediately moving on to theirs?

  8. Consult with me on different methods for treating a condition?

  9. Allow enough time for the appointment?

Making such a comment card for yourself can really help you to zone in on whether or not the doctor that you visited is the right one for you. Studies have shown that people who choose their own doctor are typically happier with their respective experiences and tend to show better results when recovering from an illness. Although picking a physician can become a long and tedious process, it will certainly pay off in the end; when you most need a good physician.

When To Consult A Physician Before Exercising

In addition to regular checkups, you should always see a doctor before starting any exercise program. You are at an even greater risk when starting an exercise program if you have:

consulting a doctor

  • Suffered a heart attack.

  • Asthma or any other lung ailment.

  • Diabetes or any disease of the liver, kidneys and heart.

  • You have the sensation of pain in your chest, muscles or joints whenever you participate in exercise.

  • Have suffered from or are currently suffering from arthritis.

  • You have recently, or in the past, experienced a loss of balance, fainting or dizziness.

  • Taken (or are taking) any medication for a chronic illness.

  • Are experiencing any joint pain.

  • In any stage of pregnancy.

  • Are not sure what your blood pressure or cholesterol levels are currently at.

You may also be at risk if at least two of these conditions apply:

  1. You are older than 45 (male) or 55 (female).

  2. Your family has a history of heart conditions.

  3. Your cholesterol or blood pressure is high.

  4. You are a smoker or have quit recently.

  5. You are obese.

The fact that you have a health condition does not necessarily bar you from exercise. A physician can give you ideas on how to exercise around the condition that may prevent you from doing some activities. In some circumstances, they may even be able to eliminate the condition before you start exercise so that it does not become a more serious problem or hinder you from activity. tipes-caviar

When To Consult a Physician While Exercising

Most people are aware that they should see a doctor if they have a serious accident or injury during exercise. However, there are some things that may seem like mild sensations that should trigger a checkup. Seeing a doctor when something is not yet a big deal to you can thwart a few very serious conditions that can arise from negligence.

While, or after, exercising, see your doctor if you:

  • Experience a shortness of breath for a long period of time.

  • Begin to have chest pains or a heavy feeling around your sternum (middle of chest).

  • Have numbness or pain in any extremity or your lower back.

  • Feel dizzy or cannot stand up straight for very long.

  • Suffer serious headaches.

  • Experience deep, raspy coughing fits.

  • Experience wheezing or labored breath.

  • Have discomfort in any joint or muscle for more than 3 days after an exercise session.

  • Have any reason to believe that physical activity contributed to a feeling of pain or uneasiness.

Solving Problems Before They Start

Seeing a physician will almost always put you in a better position to deal with or treat any minor condition before it becomes a major one. 90% of all serious conditions start with very small side effects or conditions. Most major conditions can be decelerated or eliminated if they are caught early enough.

consult physician

As a general rule, if something is not normal about your body or you feel like you are weak or sick, see a doctor. Even if you do not have the beginnings of a serious condition, your physician can find ways to help you get through your feelings or solve them altogether.

Choosing the right physician should be your first step before starting an exercise program. A doctor that you do not trust or value may do more to hurt than help you.

Some people find a doctor at a very young age that they continue to consult for the rest of their lives. Having a physician that seems more like a friend or a partner than a doctor can be a valuable thing to have during a crisis or emergency.

A long term relationship with one doctor can also be invaluable to your overall health. Doctors that have been with you for a long time will be better equipped to handle YOUR body rather than just another body.

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