Collagen Injectable Fillers

Collagen Injectable Fillers

Collagen Injectable Fillers Procedure

Collagen is just one of the materials that doctors inject into your face to give it a more smooth and plump appearance.

Generally regarded as being safe, collagen is a substance that is contained in a large amount in your body from the day you are born.

As you age, you begin to lose collagen and wrinkles form. A good understanding of the way that collagen injectable fillers work must first begin with an understanding of the different layers of your skin.

Your skin is made up of three distinct layers. These layers are the epidermis (upper layer), the dermis (middle layer) and the subcutaneous (lower layer). All three layers contain nutrients and perform functions necessary to the proper function of your body.

The dermis is the layer that contains the protein collagen. This nutrient acts as a network of fibers that support and hold the skin in place. When your body begins to lose collagen due to age, this structure breaks down and skin begins to sag.

How Collagen Injectable Fillers Work

As the name suggests, collagen is injected into the epidermis of your face to renew the support structure that has declined over time. There are four main types of these injections commonly used today. The most common injections are Zyderm, Zyplast, Cosmoderm and CosmoPlast. While Zyderm and Zyplast are actually taken from cows and require a small test of your skin before the procedure, Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast are taken from humans and generally require no testing phase.

Collagen is rapidly accepted by your body and tightens the skin on your face to reduce or remove wrinkles. Collagen injections must be administered by a professional as they are generally not effective and dangerous if injected in too large or small of amounts or in the wrong areas of the face. Even though the assistance of a doctor is necessary, collagen injections are normally regarded as being safe.

The Advantages of Collagen Injectable Fillers

  • These injections have the lowest rate of infection after injection as they are a natural occurring nutrient within the body. In fact infections occur in only about 2% of patients.

  • There are also a small number of cases when collagen injections produced any serious side effects beyond infection. Unlike Botox, headaches and nausea are not common.

  • These types of injections are generally no more painful or uncomfortable than a normal shot, especially since a small amount of anesthetic is normally used.

  • The success rate of collagen injectable fillers is about the same as Botox with 72% of patients reporting that they were happy with the results.

  • Collagen injections can be used to improve many features of the face beyond wrinkles. Collagen can add more balance to features, increase the fullness of your cheeks, smooth lines and fill in sunken areas of the face.

  • The results are much more natural looking than other injections such as Botox. Instead of paralyzing your muscles, collagen acts to fill in your face to tighten skin.

  • Collagen is useful in far more areas than other injected substances. For instance, people that want fuller lips have collagen as a viable option where Botox injections would obviously have a less than satisfactory effect.

  • There is almost no recovery period from collagen injections. Some patients schedule their injections during their lunch breaks from work and are back to work for the rest of the day.

  • The results of collagen injections are immediately apparent. The collagen that is injected does not grow over time but tightens the skin as soon as it is injected. This can be a very positive moral boost for people that are tired of their wrinkles or lines.

The Disadvantages of Collagen Injectable Fillers

Collagen Injectable Fillers Procedure

  1. They are usually expensive. The average cost of a set of injections is around $373. This amount does not include other fees for anesthesia and the like.

  2. Collagen does not last as long as other injections like Botox. The typical period of a collagen injection’s effectiveness is around 3-6 months.

    Your body (just like it did with its original reserves) will still not keep the added collagen around for very long.

  3. The skin test that determines which type of collagen you need is necessary for most types but must be done at least a month before the actual procedure. This makes collagen a poor choice for a quick fix.

  4. While the risk is low for any complications or side effects (2%) from the use of collagen, side effects are often severe.

The Side Effects of Collagen Injectable Fillers

By far, the most common side effect of collagen injections is the risk of infection associated with any injection. Although infections can be serious, they are extremely rare in this type of injection. Other side effects can include:

  • Peeling of the Skin: Sometimes your skin does not accept the newly introduced collagen and the skin begins to peel. This is much like having a sun burn and can be readily cured by a physician.

  • Scars or Marks: Another side effect of collagen injections is bumps that form on the surface of the skin that can resemble pimples. These bumps can break and form scars or marks. They are usually temporary and can be treated by a doctor.

  • Lumps or Uneven Skin: This side effect results from an improper dose of collagen in a single area. It may be immediately apparent or set in after a few days. Always have lumps that form after injections inspected by a doctor to correct and rule out an infection or other serious condition.

Are Collagen Creams A Reasonable Alternative?

The skin treatment market is full of cream products that promise the same results as injections. The simple fact is that they do not work anywhere near as well, even though they are much less expensive.

Creams are valuable to prevent wrinkles by decelerating the loss of fluid from the skin but will not reverse wrinkles that have already formed. Do not let yourself get caught in the collagen cream trap. True results require a penetration of the top layer of skin that creams cannot offer.

Are Collagen Injectable Fillers Right for You?

woman face cream

Collagen is a natural substance with very few side effects. A simple glance at the advantages and disadvantages will show that the pros far outnumber the cons. Treatment sessions are short and safe while results are immediate and almost always satisfactory. However, collagen’s expense coupled with the short period of time that it is effective can quickly put a dent in your pocketbook.

Your doctor will discuss exactly what conditions can be corrected using collagen and whether the use of these injections is worthwhile for you. While insurance does not normally cover these procedures, most doctors have payment plans set up so that you can divide the cost over the period between injections.

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