Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular Workout Equipment

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Cardiovascular workout equipment is used to facilitate physical activity that the human body can utilize to promote good health, lose weight and even relieve stress.

Achieving an aerobic effect through the use of a piece of cardiovascular workout equipment tends to be very efficient in that an individual can quickly increase their heart rate to their target heart rate, and thereafter, maintain that level for a minimum of 20 to 60 consecutive minutes. By doing so, you will allow oxygen to flow freely throughout your body for the majority of your exercise routine.

Below, you will find that there are multiple ways in which the human body can achieve an effective aerobic workout using a variety of cardiovascular workout equipment.

There are a variety of cardiovascular machines available that are designed to allow the human body to achieve an aerobic and strength training workout. In addition, using cardiovascular equipment promotes mental stress relief and minimizes the effects of depression.


Treadmills are designed to allow the user the ability to walk, jog or run, all while indoors. Treadmills have been proven to burn more calories per time spent than many other cardiovascular machines that are similarly categorized. The reason for this is the versatile workout that treadmills offer, such as the walking and running options, as well as the option to do either on an incline or decline.

Treadmills also offer constant speed options that allow users to perform a workout that is ideal for maintaining an elevated heart rate. Working out on cardiovascular equipment is also a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and decrease symptoms associated with depression, all while improving cardiovascular endurance and sustainable stamina.


Another effective piece of cardiovascular workout equipment is the stair climber. The stair climber mimics the action of walking up stairs. These machines offer a more challenging workout than a treadmill, and may cause individuals to become fatigued much more quickly.

You can program the settings for the stair climber so that the level of difficulty parallels your physical capability. Stair climbers are not only effective at working the muscles associated with the legs, but also at causing the human body to expend a higher level of energy as well.

This directly results in more calories burned during a workout. Individuals that suffer from back pain should probably consider an alternative type of cardiovascular workout equipment, as stair climbers may exacerbate this pain.

Exercise Bikes

stationary exercise bike

Stationary bikes are another great way to exercise the lower extremities of the human body and achieve an aerobic effect at the same time. Stationary bikes are quite popular among fitness seekers, and many individuals use them at the beginning of their workout routines.

Some stationary bike models allow for movement of both the arms and legs, thus allowing several major muscle groups the ability to achieve a complete workout. All stationary bikes promote an aerobic effect, caloric burning, weight loss and muscle strengthening of the lower extremities.

Rowing Machines, Ellipticals and Circuit Weight Training

Other types of cardiovascular workout equipment include rowing machines, which promote a full-body workout as well as the ability to achieve an aerobic effect. Each individual needs to utilize the proper form when using the rowing machine, as this will ensure that all major muscle groups are worked as intended.

Elliptical machines provide an ideal full-body workout without the impact of running. Elliptical machines are essentially a combination of a stair climber and a treadmill. As with aerobics, it is highly recommended that each individual work out on each of the various types of cardiovascular equipment to determine which pieces of equipment best support their personal fitness goals.

circuit weight training

Another form of cardiovascular workout equipment is classified as circuit weight training. Circuit weight training equipment is designed to eliminate the need for free weights and dumbbells. Typically, each piece of circuit weight training equipment will work a primary muscle group as well as a secondary muscle group. For example, bicep curl circuit weight training equipment will exercise the biceps as a primary muscle group and the forearms as a secondary muscle group.

Circuit weight training equipment exists for every major muscle group and several of the secondary muscle groups as well. The intent is to perform each exercise on each of the weight training machines, and to move quickly from one piece of equipment to the next with as little rest as necessary.

When performing each exercise, it is important to maintain proper form. By moving quickly from one piece of circuit weight training equipment to the next, an aerobic effect can be achieved, lean muscle mass increased, bone density maintained, and muscle, ligament and tendon strength and elongation improved.

Where to Find Cardiovascular Equipment

Becoming a member of a fitness center is the most common approach for individuals that incorporate cardiovascular equipment workouts into their fitness routine. Most fitness centers provide a large variety of cardiovascular machines for their members to utilize.

Purchasing cardiovascular workout equipment is not a difficult task. Cardiovascular equipment is probably the most common form of workout equipment today, and the popularity of purchasing equipment for a convenient at-home workout has allowed companies, such as health and fitness stores, to add a large stock from which to choose.

Another popular way to purchase equipment is on eBay. Many people offer used equipment in near-mint condition, allowing you to save significant money on your purchase. Brand new equipment is available on eBay as well, typically offered by online fitness stores. You may also find workout equipment on the ever-popular Craigslist, and in newspaper ads as well. Department stores have even entered the world of cardiovascular workout equipment, once again allowing individuals the ability to choose from a large pool of merchants.

When deciding what equipment is best suited to meet your personal fitness goals, you must take into consideration the purpose of your workout. If you are mainly looking to burn calories, a treadmill or stair climber may be the best approach.

However, if maintaining your current weight and keeping your body in good cardiovascular shape is your primary fitness goal, then you have the option of purchasing virtually any type of cardiovascular equipment. Prior to your purchase, always consider any medical conditions, such as joint problems or flexibility limitations, that may impede your ability to properly utilize the machine.


If you have not exercised in several years, consult a medical professional prior to your purchase of any type of cardiovascular equipment.

After an examination, your medical professional may be able to recommend an aerobic activity that is specifically suited for your current physical condition and any physical limitations that you may have.

Once you have obtained any aerobic activity workout recommendations from your medical physician you can then make a decision to perform one of the aerobic types that they have recommended or choose one of your own choice.

In the event that you’re free of physical limitations, it is always a good idea to exercise on as many different types of cardiovascular equipment as possible.

Your choice in a piece of cardiovascular equipment should be based on your fitness goals as well as the types of exercise you find enjoyable.

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