Benefits of a Workout Partner

Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Workout Partner

Over the years, statistics have shown that individuals that work out with a partner have a higher probability of reaching their personal fitness goals. There are several reasons that can be attributed to this fact. This article will focus on describing several of the benefits associated with training with a workout partner and how it may assist you in achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

One of the primary benefits of working out with a training partner is the fact that you must define a schedule of when and where the training will take place. By doing so, you make a personal guarantee to your workout partner that you will be at the agreed-upon location at the agreed upon date and time.

This level of commitment will facilitate a more consistent, regimented and disciplined workout schedule. Another benefit of working out with a partner is that the partner will most likely be a friend. If this is the case, then you will probably have several things in common with your workout partner and enjoy the time that you spend with them. In other words, a good workout partner is more than just someone you exercise with.

A good workout partner is also someone with whom you can relate your everyday problems, share your accomplishments and failures, and generally discuss just about anything you would discuss with a friend. 

Commitment and Motivation of a Workout Partner

A third benefit of working out with a committed partner is that the partner will motivate you to work out more often. In addition, a training partner will typically push you to work out harder. Both of these benefits will not only increase your probability of achieving your personal fitness goals, but shorten the length of time needed to achieve your fitness goals as well. When working out alone, it is often easy to say to yourself that you will skip working out today and just work out harder tomorrow. By having already defined a workout schedule with your partner, it is more difficult to cancel.

As we all know, achieving goals in life takes effort, persistence and focus. Obtaining your personal fitness goals is no different. In order to lose weight, gain strength and muscle mass, improve in a sport, become faster or jump higher, you will have to focus on your goals, be persistent, and exert the effort required to obtain those goals. A workout partner should be a person that can push you a little further than you would have pushed yourself. A workout partner should be a person that motivates you to work out a little more often than you would if you were working out alone. One important item to remember is that the motivation and the commitment that you receive from your workout partner needs to be equally reciprocated on your part. 

Another benefit of working out with a partner is that they may suggest or recommend alternative training routines that you would have otherwise not tried. For example, your training partner may enjoy mountain biking and suggest that you give it a try. By learning to mountain bike, you will work your cardiovascular system in a way it may have never been worked before. In addition, you will work and develop muscles that haven’t been worked in a certain manner. Finally, you will develop the coordination and mental control needed to be successful at mountain biking. By incorporating alternative fitness approaches into your normal fitness routine, you will begin to take advantage of the benefits associated with cross training.

Matching Up With Your Partner

One item worth consideration when choosing a work out partner is the current level of athleticism and fitness of both you and your partner. For instance, if you are weight training and your partner is far stronger than you, then you may have a tendency to hold them back. This has the potential to create an environment where either you or your training partner could become frustrated. Hence, the initial goal should be to find a training partner that is reasonably close to your current personal fitness levels in terms of goals, athleticism, endurance and strength. This will facilitate the building of a solid foundation right from the beginning stages of the workout relationship.  

When thinking of most great athletes of yesterday and today, all of them had at least one thing in common: a coach or similar individual that pushed them to achieve greatness. That individual was the one who wouldn’t allow the athlete to skip a workout or lose focus. That individual was also the one with whom they were able to share their successes.

exercising together

Individuals, in general, have a tendency to quit or give up more easily when working towards a goal alone. However, when another individual is counting on you to be at a certain location at a certain time so that you can both focus on the same goal, it’s harder to quit.

In simpler terms, many individuals find it easier to give up on their own, however, when someone else is counting on them to finish their routine, it’s different. Finding a great workout partner is like finding a great personal trainer.

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