Meticulous Anusara

Meticulous Anusara Yoga

Meticulous Anusara Yoga

Due to Anusara’s inherent focus on movement and its connection with the mind, adding a meticulous approach to this type of yoga is a natural progression. As with all meticulous styles of yoga, meticulous Anusara requires intense focus on each and every movement performed during an exercise session.

More specifically, Anusara yoga targets the pursuit of perfection when performing each and every movement, series of movements, or pose.

Meticulous Anusara first appeared along with other meticulous yoga styles in the late 1990s, when many yoga teachers began to instruct students primarily on how to learn to focus the mind. The intent is to achieve inner peace through mastering the ability to focus with mental clarity and a high level of concentration.

The practice of this type of yoga is categorized (broadly) into three distinct parts, also called the “Three A’s.” These categories are as follows:

  • Attitude: According to John Friend, the “power of the heart as the force behind every action.”

  • Alignment: Awareness of how the various parts of your body are connected.

  • Action: The natural flow of your body’s functions, providing stability and freedom.

In January 2010, officials within the governing body behind Anusara yoga determined that the vision of Anusara yoga to refer to the divine polarities of two Hindu deities — Shiva and Shakti. Therefore, the philosophical vision of Anusara yoga is often called Shiva-Shakti Tantra.

Types of Movements

Anusara yoga incorporates movements that focus mainly on the core muscles of your body, especially the abdomen and lower back. Meticulous Anusara yoga focuses on the five major alignment principles central to the theory behind the yoga type. Each of these alignment principles also focuses on a different part of the body:

  • Muscular Energy: Movements involving the center of your body (the core muscle groups). These exercises are designed to help build stability and muscular strength.

  • Outer Spiral: According to meticulous Anusara yoga, the outer spiral is the portion of your body that runs from your waistline to your tailbone. Movements focused on the outer spiral often require that you rotate your legs outward or move your thighs forward.

  • Inner Spiral: From your feet to your waistline you’ll find the inner spiral, a portion of your body crucial to moving your thighs backward and rotating your legs inward. Interestingly, inner spiral movements also involve forearm movements.

  • Organic Energy: These movements are designed to enable freedom in every post and increase flexibility throughout your body. Organic energy exercises are often included in the warmup or beginning portion of a meticulous Anusara class.

  • Opening to Grace: The most spiritual or mental movements included in meticulous Anusara, these movements are designed to maintain a proper attitude toward the yoga type and open your mind to new concepts. Movements included in this set include “side body long” and “outer body soft.”

Mental and Physical Requirements

The physical requirements of meticulous Anusara yoga are quite light compared to other yoga types. For example, the use of certain equipment like blocks and supports can make the exercises easy to perform for people of medium physical health, and is often chosen by those recovering from an injury. The deep focus on the body’s movements is helpful in identifying the exact location of pain and connecting your body’s tissues with each other.

In order to participate in meticulous Anusara yoga, you should be physically fit enough to hold some difficult poses for a few seconds at a time (usually up to 14). To get the most benefit from meticulous Anusara, you should be familiar with multiple yoga poses before taking your first class. The goal of meticulous Anusara, after all, is to perfect movements, not learn them.

Mentally, you must be prepared to seek perfection in each movement and maintain deep focus on each exercise. Meticulous Anusara will often be performed without the use of music or other potential distractions. If you find it difficult to focus in a class setting, it might be best to begin practicing meticulous Anusara yoga alone before participating in group sessions.

Equipment Requirements

  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Bolster
  • Nada Chair
  • Large Mirror or Video Camera for Visual Feedback

Mental and Physical Benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Decreased Anxiety and Depression
  • Improved Memory
  • Improved Depth Perception
  • Better Concentration
  • Improved Mood

Mental Benefits

  • Improved Sleep
  • Decreased Pain
  • Improved Balance
  • Better Reaction Time
  • More Energy

Aerobic Effect

Meticulous Anusara Yoga

As each movement and pose in meticulous Anusara yoga is performed slowly and deliberately, there is little to no aerobic effect associated with the exercises. Some holds and poses may provide target and strengthen your core muscles, but the primary focus of meticulous Anusara is not to increase your heart rate, but instead improve your flexibility and overall mental clarity.

Remember that yoga equipment like blocks and other support devices are almost required for individuals that are new to yoga and seeking to participate in meticulous Anusara yoga class. This being said, the meticulous approach of Anusara yoga begins and ends with perfection in each movement, which may require support at first.

in addition, meticulous Anusara yoga should be differentiated between obsession, as the focus and concentration on each movement is designed to give the maximum mental benefits offered by all types of yoga, as well as improve posture and even offer benefits to proper form in other types of exercise like weight training.

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