Aerobic Weight Loss Tips

Aerobic Weight Loss Tips

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Weight loss tips associated with an aerobics type workout routine are related to several different health and fitness aspects of an individual’s overall lifestyle.

The intent of this article is to present many of the lifestyle changes that will facilitate effectively and safely losing excess body weight while improving your overall health, fitness, and mental well-being at the same time.

As discussed throughout our website, there are seven fundamental health and fitness components that support good health, fitness and mental well-being.

Each of the seven key health and fitness components are listed below:

  1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning

  2. Strength Training and Muscular Development

  3. Stretching – Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons

  4. Core Stability

  5. Nutrition and Supplementation

  6. Mental Rest and Relaxation

  7. Sleep

Consistently achieving and participating in each of the seven fundamental health and fitness components is easier said than done, especially with today’s busy lifestyle. However, for most individuals, discipline and a few lifestyle modifications are all that’s needed to live a life filled with good health. Below are several weight loss tips associated with aerobic workout programs and good health and fitness in general.

Tips for Safe and Effective Weight Loss

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  1. Determine Your Optimum Body Weight – Many individuals set unrealistic weight loss goals in relation to their actual height and structural frame.

    We have included several approaches to calculating your appropriate body weight within the Weight Loss section of our website. The various approaches are supported by the medical industry and intended to provide you with a realistic body weight for your height, body structure and body composition.

    The calculations and associated articles can by found under the Your Optimum Weight section of our website. We have also included a set of calculators designed to easily determine your optimum body weight.

  2. Determine Your Personal Weight Loss Goals – Before you begin any weight loss program, you should consult your medical physician and discuss your personal weight loss goals to ensure that there are no concerns in terms of your health.

    In addition to defining your specific weight loss goals, it’s crucial to define your major and minor milestones, as well as the metrics you will use to monitor your progress. This will improve the probability of sticking with your weight loss program and achieving your personal weight loss goals within your specified timeframe.

  3. Choosing the Correct Aerobic Workout – In order to implement a safe and effective weight loss program, you need to choose an aerobic workout routine that is appropriate for you and your weight loss and fitness goals. An appropriate aerobic workout program…

    • Will facilitate achieving your personal fitness goals.

    • Is long enough and strenuous enough to achieve your target heart rate for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes.

    • Is enjoyable to perform.

    • Is readily available and convenient for you to perform multiple times per week.

    • Will physically and mentally challenge you.

    • Is within your physical capabilities.

    • Is financially affordable.

    By choosing an aerobic workout program that meets the criteria listed above, you will improve the probability of achieving your personal fitness goals, as well as the likelihood that you will perform the routine with regularity and make fitness and exercise an integral part of your lifestyle.

  4. Consuming Nutritional and Healthy Foods – It is imperative that you feed your body with nutritious, well-balanced whole foods that support countless bodily functions and maintain overall good health. Eliminating highly processed foods that contain a high number of empty calories (calories derived from fat or sugar that contain a very low number of nutrients) is essential to meeting your personal fitness goals and to achieving good health.

  5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Morning – There are several benefits associated with starting your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, such as the following:

    • Increased metabolism levels: Eating breakfast increases your metabolism by forcing the body to burn calories to digest the food that was consumed.

    • Increased energy levels: Countless medical studies have concluded that individuals that consume a healthy breakfast have a higher energy level, both on a short-term and long-term basis.

    • Lower cholesterol levels: Soluble fiber in foods such as oatmeal, oat bran, citrus fruits and strawberries have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels. This reduces the risk of heart disease.

    • Improvements in concentration: Clinical research and medical studies have shown that individuals that consume a healthy breakfast maintain a higher level of concentration, memory and problem solving skills than individuals that do not eat breakfast.

    • Promotes weight loss: In general, studies have shown that individuals that eat breakfast consume fewer calories throughout the remainder of the day, and lose more excess body weight when compared to individuals that skip breakfast.

    • Stabilizes blood sugar levels: Consuming a healthy breakfast maintains stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. This reduces hunger cravings and results in overall lower food intake. On the other hand, consuming an “empty calorie” breakfast consisting of high levels of sugar (i.e. sugary cereals, doughnuts, etc.) causes blood sugar levels to increase and leads to hunger cravings associated with carbohydrates.

  6. Consume Smaller Meals More Often Throughout the Day – Several independent clinical studies have shown that consuming smaller meals more often throughout the day reduces hunger cravings and lowers overall food intake. Energy levels, mental alertness and cognitive skills are improved as well. This is all because blood sugar levels are more stable.

  7. Avoiding Fad Diets and Weight Loss Pills – While fad diets and weight loss pills may promote moderate weight loss benefits initially, their effectiveness over time is questionable and their side effects are potentially harmful. All in all, the best approach to safe and effective weight loss is to modify your lifestyle to include physical activities and the consumption of a healthy whole food diet that is nutritionally balanced.

  8. Try Several Different Types of Aerobic Activities – Over time, performing the same exact aerobic routine can not only become mundane, but minimize the rate at which you reduce excess body fat, improve cardiovascular endurance and increase lean muscle tissue as well. It is important to always force your body to perform different movements that require your muscles to work in various combinations and angles. By doing so, you will force your body to respond to the varying physical demands of the different exercise routines. This will not only produce physical results at a quicker rate, but decrease the probability of getting bored with your exercise workout as well.

  9. Perform Some Form of Strength Training – Your overall workout strategy should include exercises that tone and strengthen your lean muscle mass. Strength training increases your metabolism, and hence the total number of calories your body burns on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that lean muscle tissue, by volume, is more dense than fat, and requires more energy to maintain. In addition, strength training improves or at least maintains bone density and strengthens ligaments and tendons.

  10. Be Persistent, Focused and Determined – Many individuals begin an aerobic exercise program with good intentions, but fail to consistently perform the routine over time. It is important to view good health and fitness as a lifelong endeavor that requires your commitment, focus and dedication. Modifying your overall lifestyle to include regular physical activities and a nutritionally sound dietary intake will place you on a path to a long and healthy life.

  11. View Good Health and Fitness as a Lifelong Endeavor – Just as a vehicle that is left idle for a long period of time deteriorates, so too will your body. Many individuals aggressively begin an aerobic exercise program, quit their exercise routine after 1 to 3 months, gain the weight back, and then restart an exercise program. This approach leads to frustration and the never-ending battle of trying to lose weight. It is better to begin an exercise routine that comfortably fits into your lifestyle and continue at a moderate level. By doing so, you will modify your habits to naturally include an exercise program as part of your daily lifestyle.

  12. Define and Schedule Your Aerobic Workout – Evaluate your overall lifestyle and determine the most appropriate times to exercise. This may be before work, during your lunch break or after work. Thereafter, you will need to define the amount of time that you are going to spend exercising during each session. If possible, try to set your workout times at the same time for each workout. It can be slightly more difficult to work out two days before work and one day after work. Scheduling all of your workouts at the same time each day will also reduce variations in motivation and energy levels (i.e. you may be more tired after work).

  13. Consider Adding a Workout Partner to Your Exercise Routine – Working out with an exercise partner can not only increase your level of commitment, consistency and motivation, but also your willingness to try other workout types and programs. By having a workout partner to push you, challenge you and commit to, you will find that your workouts are more consistent and enjoyable. You may even find that you are more comfortable with different forms of exercise. For instance, your workout partner may want to try an aerobic kickboxing class, a class you never thought you would participate in.

  14. Perform Some Form of Stretching and Calming Exercise Routine – Performing an exercise routine that elongates the muscles, ligaments and tendons while calming the mind is an excellent way of combating the stress associated with today’s busy lifestyles. Pilates, yoga, and tai chi are excellent choices. These types of exercise routines tend to focus on balance, core development, stretching, breathing and relaxation of the mind. Clinical studies have shown that individuals that participate in this form of exercise decrease their probability of contracting a debilitating disease.

Successful Aerobic Weight Loss Workouts

There are several types of aerobic programs that you can choose from. For instance, there are aerobic classes that are high energy and fast paced, classes that are dance-oriented, classes that focus on floor exercises, classes that focus on strength and muscle development, and classes that improve balance and flexibility, to name a few. Many aerobic classes incorporate several themes into a single exercise routine. In addition, many aerobic exercise routines utilize elastic bands, an exercise ball or dumbbells.

If you don’t enjoy participating in a group class, there are several forms of aerobic activities that you can perform either by yourself or with a training partner. Aerobic workouts of this type include walking, jogging, swimming, biking and participating in an individual sport.

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Another approach may be to purchase an aerobic workout that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. There are countless DVD-based aerobic exercise routines that can be purchased from reputable health and fitness companies. Many of these aerobic exercise routines produce outstanding health and fitness results and are reasonably priced. In addition, many DVD-based aerobic exercise programs contain several routines. This reduces boredom, keeps the body off balance, and promotes a state of continual improvement.

It is important to remember that good health and fitness is a culmination of several individual aspects, and is really derived from a lifestyle that follows the seven fundamental key components listed earlier in this article. Good health and fitness is not a race, but rather a lifelong commitment to placing your health as a priority in your life.

Our hope is that this article, as well as our entire website, provides you with the motivation and knowledge to pursue your dreams and live a life that is filled with good health, fitness and mental well-being.

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