Meticulous Anusara

Meticulous Anusara Yoga

Meticulous Anusara Yoga Due to Anusara’s inherent focus on movement and its connection with the mind, adding a meticulous approach to this type of yoga is a natural progression. As with all meticulous styles of yoga, meticulous Anusara requires intense focus on each and every movement performed during an exercise session. More specifically, Anusara yoga…

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Meticulous Yoga Styles

Meticulous Yoga Styles

Meticulous Yoga Styles All styles of yoga have to be meticulous in execution because one of the major benefits of yoga depends on focus and the drive towards perfection. People that practice in a meticulous style take this idea to a whole new level and make the perfect execution of any yoga pose their prime…

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Injury-Related Iyengar

Injury-Related Iyengar Yoga

Injury-Related Iyengar Yoga Iyengar is one of the most popular and beneficial types of yoga for those recovering from an injury. As Iyengar is known for its heavy use of equipment and other support devices, this style minimizes the risk of further injury for participants. Such equipment not only make it easier for each pose…

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Injury Related Yoga Styles

Injury Related Yoga

Injury Related Yoga Styles Virtually every athlete will suffer some sort of injury throughout the duration of their career. How they recover and prevent that injury from happening again can have a great effect on whether that injury develops into a more serious condition or if it becomes a recurring problem that persists from time…

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Flexibility Forrest Yoga

Flexibility Forrest Yoga Flexibility Forrest yoga is a vigorous type of yoga that focuses on emotional well-being. It is a rather new variety of yoga and was founded by Ana Forrest in the 1980s. One of the primary benefits of regularly performing a Forrest yoga routine are improvements in overall flexibility and joint range of…

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Flexibility Ashtanga

Flexibility Ashtanga Yoga

Flexibility Ashtanga Yoga Flexibility Ashtanga utilizes one of the most common and core fundamental purposes of almost all types and styles of yoga, improvements in flexibility, and constructs an entire style dedicated to maximizing this benefit. Ashtanga is an excellent choice for yoga students seeking to improve flexibility while, at the same time, improving muscular…

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Flexibility Yoga Styles

flexibility yoga

Flexibility Yoga Styles Most styles of yoga will promote and develop some level of flexibility, however, a large number of athletes decide to solely practice the various styles of flexibility yoga to support and enhance their performance within their sport. By regularly practicing virtually any form of yoga, most individuals will not only improve their…

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa is a style of yoga that intimately harmonizes breathing with the various movements that are performed. It involves flowing from one position to the next in rhythm with your breath. Breath determines the movements and the length of time the poses are held. More than in some of the other types of…

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Power Yoga

Power Yoga Power yoga is a high intensity form of yoga, closely related to Ashtanga. It does not focus as much on meditation as many of the other types of yoga do, but is geared more towards delivering an athletic workout. Power yoga is a newer type of yoga and is intended as a more…

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Bikram/Hot Yoga

Bikram/Hot Yoga First introduced and popularized in the early 1970s by Bikram Choudhury, Bikram yoga is a fast-paced yoga style that utilizes temperature of the exercise area and fast movement through a set of 26 poses to produce an aerobic effect. In fact, in addition to increases in flexibility, the primary focus of Bikram yoga…

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