Spiritual Kundalini

Spiritual Kundalini Yoga

Spiritual Kundalini Yoga All types of yoga have spiritual Kundalini to thank for many of their core concepts, techniques, and practices. In 1935, Sri Swami Sivananda wrote a detailed description of historical Kundalini practices in a treatise called Kundalini Yoga. This document would go on to influence many modern thinkers on the proper approaches to…

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Spiritual Jivamukti

Spiritual Jivamukti Yoga

Spiritual Jivamukti Yoga Among the five main tenets central to Jivamukti yoga, there are two that are central to the practice of spiritual Jivamukti. More specifically, Bhakti, or devotion to God, and Shastra, the study and exploration of the central texts of yoga.

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Spiritual Anusara

Spiritual Anusara Yoga

Spiritual Anusara Yoga Anusara Yoga is a relatively new form of yoga that first appeared in the United States in 1997, a derivative of Iyengar yoga developed by yoga teacher John Friend. Anusara yoga is often described as a response to the Western “health-centered” approach to yoga, by reintroducing Eastern elements of Hindu spirituality into…

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Spiritual Yoga Styles

spiritual yoga

Spiritual Yoga Styles People that participate in a spiritual yoga style are mainly interested in the benefits that yoga can have on the mind in terms of a greater religious understanding and a greater union of the mind with the body. The most popular form of the spiritual style of yoga is Kundalini. As with…

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Chanting Kundalini

Chanting Kundalini Yoga

Chanting Kundalini Yoga Within the Kundalini yoga thought system, great concentration and focus are required to handle an increase in Kundalini energy. This mental preparedness is often thought to come from careful and extended meditation, or reflection, on the chakras essential to Kundalini yoga practice. For this reason, among others, many practitioners of Kundalini yoga…

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Chanting Jivamukti

Chanting Jivamukti Yoga

Chanting Jivamukti Yoga Jivamukti yoga developed in one of the United State’s largest yoga centers. It evolved primarily from the style of Ashtanga yoga, so you can expect a high-intensity workout from this variation, with plenty of aerobic exercise. However, the twist to Jivamukti yoga is the emphasis that it places on spirituality and how…

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Chanting Yoga Styles

chanting yoga

Chanting Yoga Styles Chanting Yoga is the only approach that completely emphasizes the spiritual and mind connectivity aspects of the art. By using what followers refer to as “vibrational medicine” participants combine meditation and the repetition of mantras with concentration on sound vibration. The most popular type of chanting yoga is Kundalini. This type was…

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Self-Motivated Ashtanga

self motivated yoga

Self-Motivated Ashtanga Yoga Practitioners of self-motivated Ashtanga yoga focus on linking movements to breath. Breath determines the stances and the length of time they are held. They also concentrate on the transitions between postures more than with other types of yoga. The goal of Ashtanga yoga is to generate heat in the body and achieve…

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Self Motivated Yoga Styles

self motivated yoga

Self Motivated Yoga Styles Of all the forms of physical activity popular today, Yoga requires the most commitment. For some individuals, this can be difficult with the way that our society has changed. In the workplace, society is shifting to quantity rather than quality. In other words, many managers today tend to require that more…

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Meticulous Iyengar

Meticulous Iyengar Yoga

Meticulous Iyengar Yoga For individuals that are interested in performing a meticulous type of yoga, Iyengar may be the perfect choice. Iyengar yoga is performed with tremendous attention given to seemingly minor details associated with each pose as a high level of focus on exact body position and alignment are required. Iyengar’s use of various…

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