Strength Training Reviews

strength training equipment reviews

Strength Training Exercise Equipment Reviews Strength training exercise equipment has been available since the 1950’s and is ideal for individuals who want to increase their physical strength, lean muscle mass and cardiovascular condition. Regularly exercising with strength training equipment is recommended for virtually all individuals and should be part of any fitness program. Regularly exercising…

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Consider a Training Partner

training partner working out

Consider a Training Partner The decision to have someone else with you while you exercise can often be a major factor in the success of your program. A training partner can both inspire and motivate you to meet your goals and keep pushing towards even larger and more aggressive ones. As well as motivating you…

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Increase Your Training in Stages


Increase Your Training in Stages As you adhere to your aerobic training program, it is important to increase your training in stages so that you have plenty of time to develop evenly and not get too frustrated by unmet goals and an all too aggressive program. When you increase your training in stages, adhere to…

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Interval Training Workout

Interval Training Workouts

Interval Training Workout Interval training involves exerting one’s maximum amount of energy for a short period of time, and then resting or walking for a short period of time. The purpose of this exercise approach is to facilitate the athletes improvement in cardiovascular endurance as well as to force the body to become more well…

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Benefits of Training with a Partner

Benefits of Training with a Partner Training partner benefits while working out allow many individuals to maintain their workout due to the push of their partner. Whether you are working out using weights or simply doing a step class, it is always a bonus to have a training partner there by your side. Even when…

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What is Aerobic Training

aerobics running

What is Aerobic Training? Simply put, the word aerobics means “with oxygen”. While this definition may sound quite vague, once you have a better understanding of what aerobics actually is, it will make more sense. Aerobic training can be considered any physical activity that has the ability to elevate your heart rate to it’s target…

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Aerobics and Toning

aerobics class

Aerobics and Toning Fitness & Weight Loss Programs There are several aerobic and muscle toning exercise types that are designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance and increase muscular tone at the same time. In fact, many aerobics classes incorporate cardiovascular, dance and plyometric movements with some form of strength training or spot training. Typical strength…

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Aerobic Training Tips

aerobic training tips

Aerobic Training Tips Aerobic training is likely the method that is most familiar to the average person in terms of trying to improve general levels of fitness through physical activity. Much of what we consider exercise falls under the category of aerobic training. By definition, aerobic training involves improving cardiovascular endurance through elevating the heart…

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Benefits of Aerobic Training

benefits of performing aerobics

Benefits of Aerobic Training With so many individuals living a lifestyle that is sedentary, it is no wonder that the rate of obesity and chronic disease have increased over the last 20 years. The human body was designed to be active and perform some form of physical activity on a daily basis. In order to…

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Resistance Training

Resistance Training There are several exercise types that utilize techniques and movements that are designed to improve muscular strength and increase lean muscle mass. All exercise types that increase muscular strength and lean muscle tissue can be defined as resistance training. Resistance training is defined as performing an exercise that forces the muscles to contract…

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