Quick Weight Loss Tips

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Quick Weight Loss Tips For those who decide to lose weight very quickly, be aware that there are a great deal of health concerns involved with rapid weight loss. One concern is that, in many instances, rapid weight loss leads to malnutrition. It is important to ensure that, while losing weight, the body still receives…

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips

healthy weight loss tips

Healthy Weight Loss Tips There are a variety of reasons why individuals decide to go on a weight loss program and lose weight. While many individuals simply want to look better in (and out of!) their clothes, others set fitness goals to lose weight in order to reduce their risk of several of the health…

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Dietary, Nutritional, and Supplemental Tips

Dietary, Nutritional, and Supplemental Tips Nutritional supplements can be a tricky thing for the beginning weight trainer to master. There are many products on the supplement market that claim huge rewards for one low price. In general, they just do not work for most people. The major problem with many supplements is hidden right on…

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Exercise and Workout Form Tips

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Exercise Form Tips All weight training exercises depend on the use of proper form to be the most beneficial. Think of the importance of form for two reasons — to minimize the risk of injury, and maximize the potential effect of the exercise. When you use proper form, the movements the exercise require use only…

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Health and Nutrition

health and nutrition

Health and Nutrition The American Heritage Science Dictionary defines nutrition as the process by which living organisms obtain food and use it for growth, metabolism, and repair. The stages of nutrition include ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation, and excretion. This is a very accurate description defining the role nutrition plays in the human body. While the…

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Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Maintaining a healthy weight should be a concern for everyone. A study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics stated that nearly 32% of all adults in America are obese. Obesity is defined as any individual that weighs thirty or more pounds above their recommended optimum weight. The epidemic of obesity that is sweeping…

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Weight Training Tips

Weight Training Tips As a weight trainer, your goals should be developing a routine that puts yourself in a position to maximize your efforts in the weight room. This means that you must pay adequate attention to all of the different factors that will make you successful in your weight training efforts. There are certain…

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Body Building

Lee Haney

Bodybuilding Bodybuilding is actually a relatively new activity compared to many other physical activities, originating in Konigsberg, Prussia (which is now known as Kaliningrad, Russia) around 1880. The period lasting between 1880 and 1953 is often referred to as the “Early Years” period of modern bodybuilding. The first bodybuilding competition was held on September 14th,…

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Skin and Beauty

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Skin and Beauty One of the first things that a person looks at when they meet another person is the quality of their skin. This is because our skin is the most apparent aspect of our physical appearance. Healthy and beautiful skin is a good indication of an individuals overall level of general health and fitness. Last year,…

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Fitness Motivation and Benefits

fitness motivation

Finding Fitness Motivation Often, it’s all too easy for an individual to say that they’re going to begin a routine that facilitates a healthy and fit lifestyle. In reality, many individuals fail to actually achieve their pre-defined personal fitness goals. While there are several reasons why this occurs, the primary reasons are typically a lack…

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