Hair and Scalp

hair and scalp

Hair and Scalp Although other animals may have features that greatly resemble hair — such as whiskers, cilia, or feathers — actual hair is often considered one of the defining characteristic across all species of mammals. Although it may appear that some species of mammals have very little visible hair, upon close examination you will…

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Sores, Blisters, or Bumps

women shampooing hair

Sores, Blisters and Bumps on the Scalp There can be several types of scalp conditions that manifest themselves as sores, bumps, or blisters on the scalp. In fact, at virtually any given time, millions of individuals throughout the world suffer from some form of scalp condition. Although it can be scary to find a new…

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Scalp Conditions

scalp condition cures

Scalp Conditions The scalp is the skin that is located on the top of your head that holds your hair follicles in place. Unfortunately, there are quite a few skin conditions that can arise on the scalp — some are easy to treat while others can require medical attention. While there is a danger of…

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