Running Injuries

running injuries

Running Injuries Running is a sport that requires endurance, strong cardiovascular conditioning, coordination and agility, balance, and overall body strength. Due to the repetitive nature of running and the impact that it places on the body, the lower back and legs are continuously placed under a moderate level of stress and require proper equipment and…

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Running Workout

Running Workouts

Running Workout Running is primarily performed today as a way to improve and/or maintain good cardiovascular health and endurance. Running is more efficient for weight loss than walking because more calories are burned over the same distance. Some runners run in order to compete in races while others do so to train for other sports.…

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Running Fitness Program

running fitness

Running Fitness & Weight Loss Program Running, like jogging, is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. However, running is performed at a faster pace than jogging, subjects your body to more structural stress, burns more calories and provides even greater level cardiovascular endurance. Since running is such a vigorous exercise type, you must take special…

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Running Fitness

running outside

Running Fitness A person doesn’t have to be an athlete to begin a running fitness program, although running is often used by athletes as an effective cross-training activity. The benefits of a running program include improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, a faster metabolism, increased or maintained bone density, and an improved sense…

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