Finding Weight Loss Motivation

weight loss motivation

Weight Loss Motivation Maintaining weight loss motivation is one of the most important aspects of beginning and sustaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. In fact, weight loss motivation, coupled with a well designed plan and focus, are imperative to successfully achieving your personal weight loss goals. While motivation is merely a state of mind, there…

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Resistance Training

Resistance Training There are several exercise types that utilize techniques and movements that are designed to improve muscular strength and increase lean muscle mass. All exercise types that increase muscular strength and lean muscle tissue can be defined as resistance training. Resistance training is defined as performing an exercise that forces the muscles to contract…

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Fitness Motivation and Benefits

fitness motivation

Finding Fitness Motivation Often, it’s all too easy for an individual to say that they’re going to begin a routine that facilitates a healthy and fit lifestyle. In reality, many individuals fail to actually achieve their pre-defined personal fitness goals. While there are several reasons why this occurs, the primary reasons are typically a lack…

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