Injuries By Sport

sports injuries

Physical Injuries By Sport Physical Injuries play a large role in sports and can be as minimal as playing with a little pain to missing a portion of the playing season to even ending a career. In addition, physical injuries have the ability to affect the individual’s lifestyle and mental state as well. Therefore, it…

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Injuries By Body Part

sports injuries

Physical Injuries By Body Part Physical Injuries can be devastating to the individual that has been injured and to the ones that are close to them. In addition, often times the overall quality of life and the mental attitude of the individual may be affected as well. Physical injuries have the ability to be debilitating…

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Volleyball Injuries

volleyball injuries

Volleyball Injuries Volleyball is a game where individuals must possess agility, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Volleyball requires that individuals move laterally and vertically in a rapid succession of start and stop movements. Volleyball is commonly played on two types of playing surfaced: a hard court and the sand. While the injuries associated…

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Tennis Injuries

tennis injuries

Tennis Injuries Tennis is a sport that requires cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, agility, balance, flexibility, joint range of motion, and hand-eye coordination. Tennis is a game where the body is required to rapidly accelerate and decelerate, move laterally, and move forwards and backwards in a short period of time. Due to the agility requirements, the…

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Swimming Injuries

swimming injuries

Swimming Injuries Swimming is a sport that requires overall body strength, cardiovascular endurance, joint flexibility, and the ability to repeatedly perform the same motion over a long period of time and distance. Hence, the most common types of injuries are repetitive motion related. Swimming places a large stress on the upper body, especially the shoulders,…

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Soccer Injuries

soccer injuries

Soccer Injuries Soccer is a game that requires cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, balance, foot-eye coordination, and overall body strength. Soccer is a game where the joints of the lower body are placed under a fair level of stress as the players are required to utilize short burst, lateral, and rapid acceleration/deceleration techniques to play the…

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Skiing And Snowboarding Injuries

skiing and snowboarding injuries

Skiing And Snowboarding Injuries The sport of Skiing and Snowboarding requires agility, coordination, balance, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. In addition, due to the blunt force impact associated with skiing and snowboarding, the body must be conditioned to absorb the collisions that occur when performing these sports. Both skiing and snowboarding place a moderate level of…

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Running Injuries

running injuries

Running Injuries Running is a sport that requires endurance, strong cardiovascular conditioning, coordination and agility, balance, and overall body strength. Due to the repetitive nature of running and the impact that it places on the body, the lower back and legs are continuously placed under a moderate level of stress and require proper equipment and…

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Golf Injuries

golf injuries

Golf Injuries Golf is a game of consistency, repetition, flexibility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. While the cardiovascular pressures of golf are fairly low, overall body conditioning and endurance are a must. Regularly playing golf places a moderate level of stress on several different joints within the body. For instance, regularly swinging a golf club places…

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Football Injuries

football injuries

Football Injuries The game of Football is one of the most physical sports and required strength, short burst speed, cardiovascular endurance, multi-directional agility, speed, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to withstand high impact collisions. Football not only places a large demand on the joints of the body but the ability for the body to withstand…

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