Height Weight Approach

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Height Weight Approach to Determining Your Optimum Weight There are several Height Weight approaches an individual can take to determining their optimum body weight. While the Body Mass Index (BMI) approach used to determine an individual’s optimum weight is quite popular, the weakness in this approach is that it does not take into account the individual’s…

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Body Fat % Approach

Body Fat % Approach to Determining Your Optimum Weight An individual’s body fat percentage is a measure of the average percentage of fat that an individual’s body is carrying. In order for an individual’s body to function appropriately, it is imperative that their body contain a healthy level of body fat. Contrary to popular belief, body fat, when maintained…

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Body Mass Index Approach (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) Approach to Determining Your Optimum Weight The Body Mass Index (BMI) value of an individual is a number that is calculated using their weight and height. The BMI value for an individual can be a useful tool in determining whether the individual is underweight, overweight, or within the medically approved weight…

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