By Exercise Type

various exercise types

Fitness Exercises by Exercise Type Below you will find an extensive catalog of fitness exercises that are divided and separated into specific exercise types. Once you choose an exercise type you can then quickly browse through the various exercises for that exercise type. Whether you just want to know what type of exercises are performed…

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Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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Best Exercises For Weight Loss There are countless exercise types and routines that will not only promote safe and effective weight loss, but increases in lean muscle mass and improvements in cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility as well. Beginning an exercise routine and performing it with intensity, focus, and regularity will improve your overall…

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Bootcamp Workout

Bootcamp Workouts

Bootcamp Workout Bootcamp workouts are designed to help the body get in shape the same way soldiers do when they attend Bootcamp. These workouts work the entire body and challenge the participant to take his or her body to the limit. Boot camp workouts are a very efficient way to burn calories and lose weight.…

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