Injuries By Body Part

sports injuries

Physical Injuries By Body Part Physical Injuries can be devastating to the individual that has been injured and to the ones that are close to them. In addition, often times the overall quality of life and the mental attitude of the individual may be affected as well. Physical injuries have the ability to be debilitating…

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Face and Body

face wash

Face and Body Many people forget about the largest organ in their body when considering a lifestyle of good health and fitness; the skin. Proper care of your face and body is essential to a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of many entirely preventable diseases. When most people think of truly good health, fitness, and…

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Listen to Your Body

muscle pain

Listen To Your Body As your body develops, it finds new ways to interpret the information that it is given. As a result, your body begins to feed your brain new information about how it is performing, what is wrong (if there is a problem) and how you can deal with the new information. One…

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Knowing and Listening to your Body

doctor with stethoscope

Knowing and Listening to your Body The human body can be considered a kinesthetic machine. Kinesthetic learning is a form of learning where the human body actually learns to perform a movement, or series of movements, through participating in a physical activity. Other forms of learning are achieved through visual and/or auditory means. Through kinesthetic…

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Caloric Intake for the Body

basal metabolic cycle

How to Calculate the Appropriate Caloric Intake for Your Body Determining the number of daily calories an individual needs to sustain their current activity level and to support all of their bodily functions should be one of the first steps in putting together a fitness program that will obtain their personal fitness and wellness goals.  In addition to determining how…

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Body Building

Lee Haney

Bodybuilding Bodybuilding is actually a relatively new activity compared to many other physical activities, originating in Konigsberg, Prussia (which is now known as Kaliningrad, Russia) around 1880. The period lasting between 1880 and 1953 is often referred to as the “Early Years” period of modern bodybuilding. The first bodybuilding competition was held on September 14th,…

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