Swimming Routines


Regularly performing a swimming routine is not only an excellent form of exercise, but an exercise type that is less stressful on the joints as well. Consistently performing a swimming routine provides several health benefits including increases in muscle development and tone, improved cardiovascular endurance, increases in joint range of motion, and safe and effective weight management.

In addition, aerobic type movements can be performed in a swimming pool to provide a low impact workout and rehabilitation of an injury is well suited as well. Finally, regularly performing a swimming routine is ideal for developing elongated soft tissue (i.e. muscles, ligaments, and tendons) and improved range of motion.

Below is a breakdown of the various swimming routines, divided into their level of difficulty. Each swimming routine includes a description, the prerequisite requirements for each level of difficulty, and the exact training requirements that are to be performed each day. The swimming routines are divided into three different levels of difficulty and are as follows:

  • Beginner swimming Routines
  • Intermediate swimming Routines
  • Advanced swimming Routines

NOTE: Each level of difficulty includes multiple swimming routines. The following describes an approach that you may want to consider when constructing your swimming routine. Begin by choosing the level of difficulty for your swimming routine. Once the level of difficulty has been determined perform the swimming routine labeled #1 for 6 weeks.

Upon completion, perform the swimming routine labeled #2 under the same level of difficulty for six weeks. Continue in this fashion until you have sequentially completed all of the swimming routines under the same level of difficulty. However, if you find that the level of difficulty is not challenging enough, you may advance to the next level of difficulty before all swimming routines have been completed for a given level.

NOTE: Perform the swimming training requirements and schedule as closely as possible. As with any fitness routine, it is highly recommended that you consult a medical physician prior to beginning the routine.

Swimming Routines

Beginner Swimming Routines

  • No Physical Conditioning Prerequisites
  • Must Already know how to Perform the Various Swimming Strokes

Intermediate Swimming Routines

  • Have been Consistently Swimming for a Minimum of 6 Months
  • Consistently Swim 1400 Meters per Week

Advanced Swimming Routines

  • Have been Consistently Swimming for a Minimum of 12 Months
  • Consistently Swim 2000 Meters per Week

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