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Giant sets are an advanced weight training technique used to shock the muscles and increase the rate at which muscle strength, density, and size are realized. Individuals considering adding giant sets to their workout routine should have at least one year of weight training experience, a reasonable level of strength, and be familiar with the proper form required to perform each of the exercises.

Giant sets are performed on one muscle group at a time and generally consist of performing 3 or more exercises per muscle group. Typically 3 to 5 sets per exercise are performed with the number of repetitions ranging from 8 to 12. The exercises chosen for each muscle group should work the muscle from various angles and in different ways.

Performing a giant set consists of choosing 3 or more exercises for a single muscle group, performing each exercise in succession with only 5 to 15 seconds of rest in between each set. Typical rest time in between giant sets should be 2 to 3 minutes.

A giant set has been completed when the individual has completed one set of each of the exercises. A giant set should be repeated 3 to 5 times per muscle group. The entire workout for the muscle group is completed once the final giant set has been completed.

Complete one set of the each of the exercises with no more than 5 to 15 seconds of rest in between each of the exercises. Once you have completed a set of each of the exercises you have completed one giant set. Rest for 2 to 3 minutes and repeat the process until all giant sets for the exercises have been completed.

Below is a list of each of the major muscle groups. Under each muscle group you will find several giant set workout routines that are designed to “shock” the muscle group to promote both gains in muscle density and strength:

giant sets abdominals routines


The abdominal muscles are located on the front and sides of your mid-section. Exercises under this section include working your upper abdominals, lower abdominals, and obliques muscles.

giant sets back routines


The back muscles are located on the sides of your upper back under the arm pits. The exercises target developing the width and length of your upper back muscles as well as strengthening your lower back muscles.

giant sets biceps routines


The biceps muscles are located on the front of your arm between your shoulder and elbow. The biceps exercises target developing the width, length, and peak of the biceps muscles.

giant sets calves routines


The calf muscles make up the lower portion of the back of your leg below your knee. The calf muscles are a very dense muscle group and require high intensity workouts to stimulate growth.

giant sets chest routines


The chest muscles are comprised of the pectoralis major and minor muscles and are located above your abdominals. Exercises under this section target the upper, middle, and lower portions of the chest muscles.

giant sets deltoids routines


The deltoids are located along the top curve of your shoulder and are comprised of the anterior, lateral, and posterior muscle groups. It is important to exercise all three muscle groups to ensure symmetry.

giant sets hamstrings routines


The hamstrings muscles are located on the back of your legs between your gluteals and knee. The exercises target developing size through explosive movements and shape through rhythmic movements.

giant sets obliques routines


The obliques muscles are located on the sides of your mid-section and are considered part of your core. The obliques muscles tie into your abdominals muscles and are required for explosive movements.

giant sets quadriceps routines


The quadriceps muscles are located on the front of your legs between your hip and knee. The quadriceps muscles are a dense muscle group and require heavy weights and aggressive workouts to develop.

giant sets trapezius routines


The trapezius muscles are located on the sides of your neck. It is important to specifically isolate and exercise the trapezius muscles as they are not sufficiently targeted when performing the shoulder exercises.

giant sets triceps routines


The triceps muscles are comprised of three separate muscles are located on the back of your arm between your shoulder and elbow. The exercises under this section target the development of both size and definition.

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