3 Week Maintenance Walking Routine

3 Week Maintenance Routines

3 week maintenance walking

The 3 week maintenance routines are designed to be performed in between walking events and include multiple exercise types. Exercise types performed within the 3 week maintenance routines include cross training, intervals, strength training, yoga, 5K runs, and scheduled distance walks.

The intent of the 3 week maintenance routines are to diversify the physical requirements that you are placing on your body and therefore, improve your overall fitness level. By performing a variety of exercise types in between your walking events you will force your body to respond to the stresses that each exercise type requires. This will engage several additional muscle groups in ways that a walking routine does not.

For example, the strength training exercises will develop lean muscle tissue, the interval training will promote short burst improvements in cardiovascular endurance and explosiveness, and the yoga will target strengthening the core area of your body while improving your balance, flexibility, and coordination at the same time.

Below are several tips that are intended to assist you in regularly performing your 3 week maintenance routine:

  1. 1Download the appropriate walking routine.
  2. 2Perform the warm up provided within each of the walking routines.
  3. 3Perform the walking routine exactly as per the schedule.
  4. 4Complete the cool down and stretching sections as specified.
  5. 5Record and keep track of your results as you progress with the routine.
  6. 6Complete each walking routine in it’s entirety.
  7. 7After completing the walking routine, consider progressing to the next level of difficulty.
  8. 8Keep checking back, as new and different routines will be added to the site in the future.

Warm Up and Stretching Routine

A warm up and stretching routine designed to minimize the risk of injury. This warm up and stretching routine consists of a brief warm up, flexibility exercises, and cool down and stretching exercises. This warm up and stretching routine is to be performed along with a 3 week maintenance
walking routine.

3 Week Maintenance Routine

A 3 week maintenance routine designed to be performed in between walking events. The 3 week maintenance routine includes cross training, yoga, intervals, strength training, 5K runs, and scheduled distance walks. This 3 week maintenance routine should be performed in conjunction with the warm up and stretching routine.

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