Weider Strength Training Equipment Review


Weider Strength Training Equipment Review


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Weider Fitness is the brainchild of Joe Weider,
the famous body building pioneer who trained several
of the most famous bodybuilders in history.

In addition, Joe Weider is the publisher of the
Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and was one of the
first individuals to design, develop, and manufacturer strength training systems for at-home use.

Weider Fitness strength training systems can regularly be found in common retail outlets like Sears, Wal-Mart and Target.

Over the years, Weider Fitness has been able to retain a strong market within the fitness equipment industry due to their brand marketability and their focus on providing the casual exerciser with affordable home gym systems.

However, the Weider Fitness strength training equipment is primarily designed for individuals that want to incorporate an entry-level strength training routine into their overall fitness program. To this end, Weider Fitness equipment is designed to light use.

Weider Fitness strength training equipment is not intended for individuals that are serious about
their weight training, and is not designed to last over the long run. In addition, Weider Fitness strength training equipment is not designed to support a large amount of weight.

Individuals that are looking for serious strength training equipment that is designed and manufactured to support regular workouts that are performed with large amounts of weight and a high intensity level should look elsewhere.


  • Available in Several Retail Stores
  • Below Average Pricing


  • Below Average Quality
  • Below Average Warranty
  • Not Designed for Serious Weight Trainers

Rating Criteria


One of most popular technological products manufactured by Weider Fitness was their Crossflex system, which was intended to compete with the Bowflex strength training system. The Weider Fitness Crossflex utilized a combination of bending metal rods and a selectable weight system. The Crossflex strength training system was designed to provide a reasonable resistance-based workout while requiring only a small foot print. However, the Crossflex’s lack of uniform resistance across the entire range
of motion soon caused it to lose market share to the more traditional cable and pulley home gym systems.

Weider’s top home gym model, the Club Bench, uses a pulley and cable system to provide up to 300 pounds of resistance, and includes an adjustable chest press station. The same cable and pulley system is used on the W System, a slightly less expensive model that
provides up to 175 pounds of resistance and a 4-roll
leg developer for lower body workouts.


The Weider Club Bench model includes a free-floating
arm system that allows the individual to adjust the range of the chest press. The system includes a fold-away military press, and the entire model is
designed to be placed
in the corner of a room for space-saving purposes.

The C720 system includes the largest number of
user features and options of all Weider strength training systems. It utilizes an Olympic
Smith rack that allows the individual to adjust the position of the Olympic bar rack to ergonomically align their body with the exercise that they are planning to perform. The Weider Fitness C720 strength training system can support a maximum weight of 250
pounds and includes a 250-pound olympic weight set.
The C720 strength training system also includes a high and low pulley station and adjustable weight crutches.


The quality of Weider Fitness strength training systems is below average when compared to their competitors. The primary focus of Weider fitness is to achieve high sales volume within the sub ,000.00 market. Hence, top build quality, construction and design should not be expected. The vinyl-cast
weights used on the W system do not necessarily
have the same durability and quality as regular
olympic free weights, but improve Weider Fitness’s ability to keep the total purchase price under the $ 1,000.00 level.

While the quality, functionality and durability of the Weider Fitness strength training systems are grossly outmatched when compared to their competitors, Weider Fitness weight training systems are adequate for most casual users. This
being said, it is important to understand that you get what you pay for, and Weider Fitness equipment makes a perfect example.

Customer Support

Initial sales support can be obtained through the retail outlet where the Weider Fitness equipment was purchased (i.e. Target, Wal-Mart or Sears).
Additional sales and technical support is provided
by Weider Fitness directly, and the company can be contacted
through email or by telephone.


Most Weider Fitness strength training
equipment includes a 90-day parts and labor warranty.
However, certain Weider Fitness systems include
the option to purchase an extended warranty. Качественное видеонаблюдение для любых объектов

Parts and Service

Weider Fitness equipment parts covered under the warranty must be handled through the company
directly. Shipping and handling charges may be administered for replacement parts. In-home service
is not provided. Out-of-warranty parts for Weider Fitness systems can be located and purchased through Weider Fitness’ official website.


All of Weider’s home strength training systems
are priced under $ 1,000.00. The Club Bench costs approximately $ 749.00, the C720 strength training system is typically listed at $ 599.00, and the
W System costs around $ 699.00.

Discounts can often be found on Weider Fitness strength training equipment systems through retail outlet stores including Wal-Mart, Sears and Target. For the price, Weider Fitness offers a reasonable home gym system that will likely appease most casual users. However, for those looking for extra
features, performance and quality, spending a few hundred additional dollars on a Yukon Fitness, Powertec or Body Solid strength training system
will provide a much better value.


While Weider Fitness is a renowned name within bodybuilding innovation circles, and was once one
of the only options for in-home strength training systems, Weider Fitness currently finds itself surpassed by several other reputable equipment manufacturers. For individuals who are very casual strength trainers and do not mind purchasing a below average strength training system with limited capabilities and sub-par construction materials, Weider Fitness may fit the bill.

It should be noted that Weider Fitness does offer strength training equipment that is affordable and constructed with a level of quality that will satisfy the casual weight trainer who exercises on a light schedule. However, for individuals seeking a solid strength training system that will last longer, offer more capability and features, include
a greater load capacity, and withstand aggressive intensity on a moderate to heavy usage rate, it’s advisable to explore other equipment manufacturers like Yukon Fitness, Powertec and Body Solid.

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