South Beach Diet Weight Loss Review


South Beach Diet Weight Loss Review


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The South Beach diet is an online weight loss program that has a very strong community of members. In fact, the online South Beach diet website states that there are over 20 million members that have chosen South Beach diet as their preferred weight loss program.

The South Beach diet is more about modifying your personal lifestyle than it is a “Fad Diet.” More specifically, the South Beach diet focuses on consuming foods that not only assist with weight loss but also improve your health as well. Unlike several diet programs that promote low-carbohydrate, low-fat programs, the South Beach diet plan focuses on eating the right carbohydrates and fats.

The South Beach diet was founded by Arthur Agatston, M.D. Arthur Agatston maintains a preventative cardiology practice and research foundation in Miami Beach and is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. In addition to the South Beach Diet, Dr. Agatston has authored several weight loss, heart disease prevention and healthy eating and lifestyle books.

The South Beach Diet is designed to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. This includes eating healthy, nutritious whole foods and regularly performing an exercise routine. The South Beach diet recommends that each member perform at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (as interval training) plus core-strengthening exercises and stretching each day. While an exercise program will increase the rate at which the member will lose weight and improve their overall health and wellbeing, it is not required to successfully lose weight under the South Beach diet.


  • Doctor-Designed
  • Proven Weight Loss Approach
  • Promotes Healthy Lifestyle
  • Excellent Reputation


  • Paired with Physical Activity

Weight Loss Method

The South Beach diet supports eating three healthy and nutritionally-balanced meals and two snacks per day. For this reason, many members have claimed that the South Beach diet does not leave them feeling hungry.

The South Beach Diet plan offers a wide variety of whole food recipes, over 1,000 in total, and encourages each individual to eat until they are full. By doing so, most members state that they do not feel hungry or deprived under the South Beach diet. There are 6 key principles associated with the South Beach diet, as follows:

  • The South Beach diet is doctor-designed
  • South Beach diet members do not have to count calories or measure portion sizes
  • The South Beach diet is flexible and easily accommodates individual tastes and needs
  • The South Beach diet is a long-term lifestyle approach
  • The South Beach diet promotes safe and effective weight loss
  • The South Beach diet has been proven to lower the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, reduce unhealthy triglycerides, and regulate blood sugar levels

The South Beach diet is broken down into three separate phases. Each member begins with phase 1, and thereafter progresses through to the second and third phases. The 3 phases of the South Beach diet are as follows:

  • Eliminate Cravings and Kick Start Weight Loss
  • Lose Weight Steadily
  • Maintain for Life

Phase 1 is designed to eliminate cravings and begin the weight loss process. Phase 1 is the shortest phase and lasts for only the first two weeks. The intent is to eliminate any cravings associated with sugar and refined starches. One of the purposes of Phase 1 is to stabilize blood sugar levels (which minimizes cravings), making it ideal for members that are pre-diabetic or diabetic.

The intent of the second week of Phase 1 is to begin consuming plenty of foods that are highly nutritious, rich in protein and high in fiber. Typical meals include lean protein such as fish and other seafood, skinless white meat poultry, and lean cuts of beef (vegetarians can enjoy meat substitutes, tofu, and beans), high-fiber veggies, reduced-fat cheeses, eggs, low-fat dairy, and healthy, unsaturated fats such as those found in avocados, nuts, seeds, and extra-virgin olive and canola oils.

Phase 2 is the foundation and long term weight loss phase of the South Beach diet. Many members seeking to lose 10 pounds or less, who do not have problems with food cravings, who do not have excess body fat, or who simply want to improve their health, begin with this phase of the South Beach diet.

Phase 2 of the South Beach diet allows the member to continue to eat everything from Phase 1 plus good carbohydrates (i.e. whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fruits, and even more veggies like sweet potatoes, pumpkin and peas). Members will continue to enjoy two snacks per day as well.

Phase 3 focuses on solidifying the lifestyle changes that were made in phases 1 and 2 and begins once you have reached your optimum weight. By now, each member has fully adapted to the South Beach Diet lifestyle (i.e. making smart food choices that fit the way you live). Members at this phase of the South Beach diet will continue to follow the principles that they learned in phases 1 and 2. However, since phase 3 is the lifelong phase of the plan, it allows for almost every kind of food to be consumed, and it also allows for occasional indulgences.


The South Beach diet has been proven to be safe and effective at not only providing a vehicle for weight loss, but for also creating a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious eating lifestyle. The South Beach diet is a solid approach to weight loss and has been endorsed by several celebrities and medical professionals.

It has been reported that many individuals have lost between 12 and 15 pounds of body weight during the Phase 1 portion of the South Beach diet. While losing this amount of weight over a 14-day period is slightly high, the primary catalyst for the rapid weight loss is due to the fact that Phase 1 essentially eliminates all carbohydrates. During Phase 2, the typical weight loss is between 2 and 4 pounds per week. In addition members following the South Beach diet report that they have more energy, higher self-confidence, and an improved outlook on life.

Lifestyle Change

The South Beach diet lifestyle also emphasizes physical activity, which goes hand in hand with eating a healthy and nutritious diet. While it is not required, there is not better way to safely, effectively, and more rapidly lose weight than to combine a healthy nutritious dietary plan with a fitness routine.

The South Beach Diet Fitness Club is Dr. Agatston’s prescription for a healthy body. Developed with a certified Pilates trainer, the regimen (with two levels) consists of an easy, yet comprehensive functional fitness plan that can be performed anytime, anywhere, and does not require any special equipment. The South Beach Diet Fitness Club offers step-by-step video instruction, and the entire fitness program can be performed at home.

The first part of the fitness program is designed to get you up and moving and consists of a varied walking routine that will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. The second part of the fitness routine focuses on strengthening the core muscles (your abdomen, lower back, pelvis and hips).

The South Beach Diet Fitness Club provides each member with a comprehensive fitness routine that emphasizes core, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. The fitness routine features are as follows:

  • A daily walking routine that gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing
  • Hundreds of Pilates-oriented core movements, with pictures and step-by-step video instruction
  • No need for exercise equipment or a fitness membership
  • Exercises designed for every level – from beginner to advanced
  • More rapid weight loss

Dietary Change

The dietary change associated with the South Beach diet is not a significant change when compared to most individuals’ dietary regimens. Most individuals find that they are spending the same amount of money for the food they purchase, and the food preparation time is approximately the same. The primary dietary change is related to the specific types of food you consume. The first two weeks (Phase 1) will drastically decrease the number of carbohydrates you consume. This period of the program will be the most significant in terms of dietary change.

Thereafter, the dietary changes associated with the South Beach diet are fairly minimal. However, it should be noted that any dietary program designed to shed weight will limit the amount of high-calorie, high-fat junk food that can be consumed, otherwise weight loss would be impossible. Virtually all foods consumed will be healthy and nutritionally dense. Finally, most members state that they do not have feelings of hunger since they are consuming three meals a day, two snacks, and even a dessert.


The South Beach Diet has been around for several years and is a very reputable weight loss program. The South Beach diet has consistently received very good reviews and has been featured in Newsweek, MSN Health and USA Today. In addition, since the primary focus of the South Beach diet is to switch to consuming foods that are healthy, the program is also known for being very safe.


The online South Beach diet program has several support functions that are designed to improve the success rate of each of their members, as listed below:

  • 24/7 online support
  • Meal Planner
  • Shopping List Generator
  • Recipe Finder
  • Discussion Groups
  • Dining Out and Fast-Food Guides
  • Weight Tracker
  • Nutrition Counseling from specially-trained registered dietitians
  • Fitness Workouts for all levels through their Fitness Club videos
  • Online Journal
  • South Beach Diet Kitchen for tips and techniques to prepare healthy foods
  • Daily Email on your personal menu, important tips, news and encouragement

Cost of Product

The online South Beach diet program costs $ 5.00 a week – A little more than $ 20.00 per month. As is evident, the cost of the membership is quite reasonable and provides a large amount of value for the money. In addition, for members that decide that the South Beach diet is not for them, canceling a membership is easy.


The South Beach diet was doctor-designed by leading preventive cardiologist Arthur Agatston with the goal of helping people improve their health, and lose weight in the process. Eating the array of foods emphasized on the South Beach diet – whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products and healthy fats – can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, predicates and diabetes.

The South Beach diet is a fully-interactive dieting experience. There are several support tools designed to aide the member in obtaining his or her optimum weight and health. In addition, members have the ability to have their questions answered by registered dietitians. Overall, the South Beach diet provides a solid, proven, safe and effective weight loss program to their members.

This being said, in regards to weight loss programs in which the individual prepares their own meals, the South Beach weight loss program is a top-tier choice. The South Beach weight loss program approach is doctor-approved and supported, utilizes an approach that promotes safe and effective weight loss, can be followed over a lifetime to promote a healthy lifestyle, includes a comprehensive list of member support functions, and is affordably priced.

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