Smooth Fitness Treadmill Equipment Review


Smooth Fitness Treadmill Equipment Review


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Smooth Fitness has over 25 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling cardiovascular fitness equipment that works with the individual’s body structure to create an ergonomic
and harmonious workout.

In 1996, Smooth Fitness lead the charge in modifying their marketing approach from selling
their cardiovascular fitness equipment in retail outlets to exclusively selling their equipment
online. In fact, since 1996, Smooth Fitness has been rated as the number one online fitness equipment company for multiple years.

Smooth Fitness utilizes technology, design concepts and manufacturing principles that create high quality, durable exercise equipment at factory-direct prices. This, in turn,
has allowed Smooth Fitness the ability to offer innovative cardiovascular equipment to the public at some of the most affordable prices within the industry. All Smooth Fitness treadmill machines are well designed and offer several user features and options. All Smooth Fitness treadmill machines are constructed using quality materials and sound manufacturing principles. In addition, Smooth
Fitness backs their treadmills with a solid warranty, all at an affordable price.

When considering all aspects associated with purchasing a quality treadmill, Smooth Fitness ranks as a top-tier manufacturer. In fact, Smooth Fitness treadmills are typically ranked within the top ten when compared to their competitors. Smooth Fitness offers outstanding customer support and is dedicated to ensuring that each of their customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. In addition, Smooth Fitness treadmills are commercial-grade treadmills that are designed for moderate to heavy use.


  • Excellent Price Point
  • Treadmill Buying Guide
  • Service Technicians Nationwide
  • Folding and Non-Folding Models
  • Excellent Warranty


  • Only Available Online


Smooth Fitness utilizes leading-edge technology and design concepts, based on industry research, to assist them in manufacturing high quality treadmills that are designed with the individual in mind. In light of the company’s affordable pricing, it is not a surprise that Smooth Fitness controls a large share of the treadmill industry. Smooth Fitness treadmills include the following technology and design features:

  • Hydra-suspension belts that cushion the running deck for less joint impact
  • Stereo MP3 systems
  • “IM-PRESSION” shock absorption cushioning system
  • “Whisper-weave technology” for quiet belt operation
  • LCD console displays and one-touch handrail controls
  • 2.5 to 4.0 continuous horsepower motors


Smooth Fitness offers several user options and features on their treadmills. The intent is to allow each of their users the ability to customize their treadmill to better facilitate the obtainment of their personal fitness goals. Below are several of the user features and options available on
Smooth Fitness treadmills:

  • Folding and non-folding models. Folding models utilize Smooth Fitness’ soft drop technology to
    make cleaning up and storage after a workout easy
  • Music system with speakers
  • MP3-compatible
  • One-touch controls
  • Optional 15-inch TV screen on some models
  • Several preset programs including manual programs, calorie burning programs, custom programs and heart rate control programs
  • Heart rate control with wireless heart rate strap

One-touch controls and handrail toggle switches offer easy-to-use controls for changing the incline, pace and intensity while performing a workout. Smooth Fitness treadmills include heavy duty motors that provide 2.5 to 4.0 continuous horsepower, depending on the model. Additional user features include transport wheels, water bottle holders and a built-in fan.


Smooth Fitness manufactures their treadmills to
meet or exceed industry specifications. Smooth
Fitness treadmills are designed and constructed for long-lasting durability, and the workmanship is backed by strong warranties that ensure a top-quality product.

Smooth Fitness prides itself on designing treadmills that enhance natural motion to make workouts more
effective while reducing the impact on the body and joints. To this end, Smooth Fitness treadmills are ideal for the casual user, the individual who
may be somewhat limited in their physical ability,
and the athlete alike.

Customer Support

Smooth Fitness offers customer support via
email and phone. Phone support is available Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 8:00pm and
from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Friday. The Smooth Fitness customer support department is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Product manuals are available on the Smooth
Fitness website for self-help and troubleshooting. Additional customer support is offered in the form
of an experienced Fitness Team that can answer questions related to each individual’s specific needs and/or interests, including goal setting, workout approaches, workout frequency and duration.


All models of Smooth Fitness treadmills include a lifetime warranty on the motor, frame and deck and
a 2-year warranty on in-home service and labor. Depending on the Smooth Fitness treadmill model, the parts and electronics are warrantied for 4 to 7 years. However, on the upper-end Smooth Fitness treadmill models, the parts and electronics include a lifetime warranty. dumps shop

Smooth Fitness offers a 60-day trial period guarantee on
all of their treadmills, allowing you nearly two months to try the product before determining whether to return it. In addition, Smooth Fitness treadmills include free curbside delivery.

Parts and Service

Smooth Fitness treadmill customer service and warranty work is easily accomplished by calling or emailing the customer service department
to schedule an authorized technician to perform an in-home service repair. For out-of-warranty
treadmill repair requests, or for those who live in
Alaska or Hawaii, parts may be requested through the Smooth Fitness website and will ship within 3 to 5
business days.


Smooth Fitness offers a wide range of treadmills with a fair number of user accessories and features that can be added to the purchase of the treadmill. In general, Smooth Fitness treadmills range in cost from $ 999.00 to $ 2,499.00.

In addition, Smooth Fitness offers special sales promotions on several of their treadmill models.
Smooth Fitness also offers a 60-day guarantee and
free curbside delivery.


Smooth Fitness has been designing and
manufacturing high quality cardiovascular fitness equipment for over a quarter of a century, and is considered one of the top manufacturers within this industry. Their stature within this industry is well deserved as they continue to produce high quality treadmills at affordable prices.

With high quality construction and plenty of built-in user comfort features, Smooth Fitness treadmill machines
are built to last and make exercise an enjoyable
lifelong experience. All Smooth Fitness treadmills
are solidly constructed and are of commercial quality.
This being the case, all Smooth Fitness treadmills are designed for moderate to heavy use.

To this end, individuals that are considering the purchase of a treadmill would be well served to take a look at the Smooth Fitness product catalog. Smooth Fitness treadmills have won several “best buy” awards and have been time-tested in both the residential and commercial environments. This being said, Smooth Fitness offers top-rated treadmills that are affordably priced, built to last, ergonomically designed and include several user options and features.

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