Schwinn Fitness Treadmill Equipment Review


Schwinn Fitness Treadmill Equipment Review


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Schwinn Fitness is best known for their bicycles,
exercise bikes and spinning bikes. Schwinn Fitness
is owned by Nautilus Inc., the second-largest corporation in the exercise equipment industry.

Nautilus Inc. has been producing exercise equipment as a corporation since 1986, and has expanded their reach by adding three companies to their corporation – Bowflex, Universal and Schwinn. With their increasing market share within the fitness equipment market, Nautilus-backed brands have become popular for at-home use and in a variety of fitness centers around the nation.

Schwinn Fitness treadmills are reasonably priced for the quality, functionality and user features and options that they offer. While the number of treadmill models offers by Schwinn Fitness is limited, the models that they do offer are designed to target the “middle-of-the-road” treadmill enthusiast. Schwinn Fitness treadmills are intended for light to moderate use and are capable of providing a solid workout for both the average individual and the athlete alike. Schwinn Fitness treadmills utilize quality construction materials and sound manufacturing principles to produce a treadmill that will last most individuals for years. However, it should be noted that the Schwinn Fitness treadmill warranty is below average when compared to their competitors within this price range.

This being said, Schwinn Fitness treadmills face stiff competition within the moderately priced treadmill market. Hence, while Schwinn Fitness treadmills will be sufficient for most individuals, their competition offers a better warranty and additional user options and features, all for about the same price.


  • Folding and Non-Folding Models
  • Reasonable Technology and Design
  • Reasonable User Features and Options
  • Good Price Point


  • Below Average Warranty
  • Limited Number of Models

Rating Criteria


The Schwinn Fitness treadmills offer a variety of fairly standard technological features. Below is a
list of several of the design and technology features showcased on Schwinn Fitness treadmills:

  • Folding “Softdrop” Hydraulic system to allow for easy storage
  • A “Softrac” suspension deck that is designed to reduce joint impact and stress
  • 2.5 HP to 3.0 HP continuous duty motors
  • 20” X 58” deck surface area
  • Transport wheels to allow for easy placement and transportation
  • Backlit LCD display to monitor all the standard program and output measurements


The Schwinn Fitness treadmills include several of the more common user options and features. Below is a list of the user features and options offered on Schwinn Fitness treadmills:

  • Multiple number of pre-set programs
  • 0.0 to 12 mph speed capability
  • 0% to 12% incline capability
  • Hand grip heart rate sensor and telemetry-enabled heart rate monitor through a chest strap
  • Built-in adjustable cooling fan
  • Built-in water bottle holder and book/magazine rack


The frames of the Schwinn Fitness
treadmills are constructed out of steel and plastic. The construction and quality of the newer Schwinn Fitness treadmills has greatly improved when compared to their older models.

In the past, the quality of the steel frame and the welds was questionable. However, it appears that
Schwinn Fitness has resolved this issue and that it is no longer a weakness in their quality.

The suspension and weight of the Schwinn Fitness treadmills absorbs the impact produced by the user to limit shaking to a minimum, while the motor provides an extremely quite experience. Overall, the quality of the Schwinn Fitness treadmills is comparable to the mid-range treadmills offered within this price range.

Customer Support

Schwinn Fitness treadmills utilize the Nautilus
customer support system. Questions, concerns and general support functions can be handled via email and phone, or through an authorized Schwinn Fitness or Nautilus dealer.


Schwinn fitness treadmills include a 10-year warranty on the frame and motor. The electronics include a 1-year warranty and the parts are covered under a 2-year warranty. All wear parts are warrantied for 90 days.

As is evident, the Schwinn Fitness treadmill warranty is below average when compared to their competition. The Schwinn Fitness treadmill warranty further supports the fact that their treadmills are designed for light to moderate use. While Schwinn Fitness treadmills are fairly well constructed, their warranty does not support a high level of confidence in the quality of their machine.

Parts and Service

Service and parts can be purchased via the
Nautilus customer service system or through an authorized Schwinn Fitness or Nautilus dealer. The customer service department can assist in locating a nearby dealer and can provide representatives to
come to your home to perform any service tasks or repair functions.

Additionally, the majority of replaceable Schwinn Fitness treadmill parts and modules can be purchased through online treadmill parts stores, for
individuals that intend to perform the repairs
themselves. In general, the timeframe for Schwinn Fitness treadmill service and/or replacement of
parts varies based on your location. Do you like to play new jogos friv games? We offer you the most popular site on the internet jogos friv games. Play only on this site and enjoy, relax.


Schwinn Fitness treadmills typically range in price from $ 999.00 to $ 1,399.00. The price structure for Schwinn Fitness treadmills is in-line with most mid-range manufacturers of treadmills. In addition, when compared to the Schwinn Fitness treadmills of the past, the models offered today provide a much
greater value for the price.


While Schwinn Fitness may be best known for cycling-related products, they have produced several series of treadmills over the years. The current line of Schwinn Fitness treadmills has overcome the quality and construction issues associated with their older models. Today, Schwinn Fitness treadmills are designed, constructed and intended to compete within the “middle-of-the-road” treadmill market.

Schwinn Fitness treadmills are of reasonable quality and provide the most common user options and features. In addition, Schwinn Fitness treadmills are reasonably priced for the quality and functionality that they offer. However, as previously mentioned, the warranty periods for all Schwinn Fitness treadmills are below average when directly compared to their competition.

In all, the line of Schwinn Fitness treadmills does not offer anything that sets them apart from
other mid-range treadmill manufacturers. Hence, it
is recommended that individuals that are looking to purchase a “middle-of-the-road” treadmill consider other manufacturers within this price range.

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