Schwinn Elliptical Equipment Review


Schwinn Elliptical Equipment Review


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Schwinn has been in the business of manufacturing bicycles and fitness equipment since it was founded
by Ignaz Schwinn and Adolph Arnold in Chicago in

Over it’s one hundred and fifteen year history, Schwinn technology has been time and consumer tested to achieve the most successful and high-quality products within the fitness industry.

Today, the Schwinn portfolio of cardiovascular equipment includes upright bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycles, ellipticals, treadmills and airdyne fitness equipment.

Schwinn fitness products are now marketed and sold under the Nautilus umbrella, which includes fitness equipment companies like Bowflex and Universal. Furthermore, Nautilus has been a leading fitness equipment manufacturer in both the cardiovascular and strength arenas.

The Schwinn elliptical machine models are front drive systems that include several user options and features. In addition, all Schwinn elliptical machine models include an electronic console, multiple resistance levels, Quiet Magnetic ECB technology, and multiple workout programs. Schwinn Elliptical machines range from approximately $ 399.00 to $ 1,199.00 in price and are targeted to compete within the “middle-of-the-road” elliptical machine market. However, the higher-end Schwinn elliptical machine model includes several additional features, including a variable stride length, a back lit touch screen console, and a handlebar grip heart rate monitor.

All in all, Schwinn manufactures a reasonable elliptical machine that is designed to compete within the budget price range. All Schwinn elliptical machines are designed for light to moderate use.


  • Solid Technology
  • Online Fitness Guide
  • Smaller Footprint Required


  • Questionable Build Quality
  • Below Average Warranty
  • Limited Number of Models

Rating Criteria


Schwinn’s elliptical machine line includes
a reasonable level of time-tested technology, innovation, and user features and ptions including the following:

  • The BioGlide elliptical path for a smooth, even stride
  • Console designed with BioFit technology, MP3 player, fan and cushioned foot space
  • The BioConnect computer program uses pre-set workouts and allows users to track progress
  • Variable stride length
  • Grip heart rate monitor
  • Quiet Magnetic ECB (Eddy current brake) resistance system


The Schwinn elliptical machine’s pre-programmed workouts include 16 resistance levels designed to promote a wide range of fitness goals ranging fron strength training to weight loss. The Quiet Magnetic Eddy current brake (ECB) system provides the resistance.

With 8 to 19 workout programs
available depending on the model, users are able to tailor their workout to specifically meet their personal fitness goals. Schwinn offers both fixed
and moving handlebars, all of which are available with hand grip heart rate monitors.

All Schwinn elliptical machine LCD console displays offer continuous readouts for speed, distance, calories, course profile and resistance
level. Schwinn rounds out their user options and features with built-in cooling fans, an MP3 player connection, a towel and magazine rack,
and an over-sized drink holder.


Schwinn’s history as bicycle manufacturer
prompted the development of the BioDyne system. The
BioDyne system allows each elliptical machine to operate at peak performance. The computer-driven
system controls a 25-pound steel flywheel designed to provide maximum smoothness and stability.

The over-sized stabilization tubes lock the
elliptical machine in place for a sound and sturdy set-up. Each Schwinn elliptical machine includes transport wheels that allow for ease in moving the system from location to location. The overall size of the Schwinn elliptical machines are smaller than many home ellipticals, which means a space-saving but sturdy exercise machine.

Customer Support

The Schwinn customer service and support
department is accessible through the Bowflex/Nautilus family of companies. Representatives are available via email and phone, Monday through Friday. Owners manuals for all Schwinn’s products are available
on their website and are free to download.


Most of the Schwinn elliptical machines include a
10-year warranty of the frame, a 2-year warranty on parts, a 1-year warranty on electronics, and a
90-day warranty on wear items. The warranty on labor
and service is 90 days. Huawei, Sony, iphone, Samsung telefonĊ³ remontas bei ekranĊ³ keitimas

Parts and Service

Schwinn is part of the Bowflex Home Fitness
umbrella. Replacements for out-of-warranty parts can
be ordered from the Bowflex home fitness catalog. Customer service is available by phone Monday
through Friday, and by email to request service or repairs on all under-warranty Schwinn products.


Schwinn elliptical machines range in cost
from approximately $ 399.00 to $ 1,199.00 and can be purchased online through their website. In addition, Schwinn offers financing on all elliptical machines and free shipping on several models.


The history of the Schwinn bicycle company stretches over 100 years into the modern fitness technology of indoor home fitness
equipment. Schwinn elliptical machines are constructed with a reasonable level of quality. The technology used for the various components comprising Schwinn elliptical machines are in-line with most “middle-of-the-road” elliptical machine manufacturers.

Schwinn elliptical machines are affordably priced, and targeted towards the individual that is looking to purchase
an elliptical machine within the $ 500.00 to $ 1,000.00 price range. This being the case, all Schwinn elliptical machines are designed for light to moderate use.

The warranty period for the Schwinn elliptical machines are slightly below the average warranty duration for comparable elliptical machines manufactured by the competition. To this end, Schwinn elliptical machines are well-matched with their price tags, and are worth considering when looking to purchase an elliptical machine within the $ 500.00 to $ 1,000.00 price range.

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