Revitol Skin Care Review


Revitol Skin Care Review


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Revitol is a premium online skin and beauty product manufacturer and retailer that was first founded in 2002. Since that time, the company has refined its product line based on the most recent scientific breakthroughs, including research regarding exotic ingredients from around the world.

Although Revitol is not an all-natural skincare product provider, they formulate their products carefully in order to deliver consistent results to the consumer. All of the site’s product pages include a full list of ingredients, a major convenience to allergy sufferers and those who require complete product transparency.

This fact is also evinced by the numerous positive testimonials that can be found throughout the company’s website, as well as their sales figures. To date, Revitol has sold over 100,000 orders of some of their most popular skin and beauty products.

Revitol is committed to offering skincare products that are not only effective, pure and safe, but affordable as well. While product prices are competitive even when purchasing a single bottle, far better values can be had by taking advantage of the company’s “Buy 4, Get 2 Free” and “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” offers, allowing for a savings of up to 50% off. Additional sales and promotions can be found in the Revitol free email newsletter.

Revitol displays its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering excellent customer support for free via phone. Representatives are standing by during normal business hours to field your questions regarding product recommendations, ordering, shipment, account management and more. The company also offers a lengthy 90-day return policy that’s made somewhat less desirable by the fact that only sealed containers are accepted for return.


    • Reasonable pricing.
    • Large bulk order discounts.
    • Focused and intuitive product line.
    • Positive customer testimonials.
    • All products developed and manufactured in-house.
    • Strong customer support.


    • No free shipping.
    • No opened-bottle returns.
    • Lack of clinical testing information.
    • Some artificial ingredients.


Since their inception in 2002, Revitol has spent countless hours developing a high quality line of safe, effective and consistent skin and beauty products. Instead of offering hundreds of products from various manufacturers and forcing consumers to sort out which are most effective, Revitol has elected to maintain a small and focused product range with only a single product allocated to each skin condition or concern. The product line includes an anti-aging solution, stretch mark reducer, acne solution, skin brightener, hair removal cream, eye cream, cellulite formula, Psoriasis cream, exfoliator and scar cream. Many skincare consumers prefer this sort of focused approach, as it simplifies product selection and minimizes buyer’s remorse.

In order to formulate their products, Revitol combines high quality ingredients with their advanced knowledge of the latest in nutritional science. However, the company does not offer explicit details regarding their manufacturing process, other than to say that all of their products are manufactured in-house. This fact alone indicates the level of quality control that Revitol is able to achieve by overseeing each step of the manufacturing process, ranging from initial research and testing to final formulations and packaging.

Plenty of quality can also be found in the Revitol website. Each product page includes a thorough description, including applicable warnings, suggested usage guidelines, ingredients lists and more.


Ingredients in Revitol products are sourced from various locations around the world in order to meet the company’s high standards of quality. Although many of the products are made with natural ingredients, the company does not claim to offer 100% all-natural products, and this can be seen in their reliance on a few artificial ingredients such as parabens, which are chemical preservatives. The company does use natural herbal extracts and essential oils in many of their products, though the inclusion of potentially harmful ingredients may serve as a turnoff to those who are accustomed to organic skin and beauty products.

Revitol has takes a transparent approach to their product advertising by listing every single ingredient included in a given product on each product’s description page. Curiously, the ways in which the ingredients are presented are inconsistent. Some of the ingredient lists are separated according to active and inactive ingredients, while others list them together. Some of the product pages include an ingredients list inline with the general description, while others require you to click an Ingredients link found in the bottom navigation menu. Most of the ingredients lists are presented as text, while others are displayed as an actual photo of the product label. While these inconsistencies don’t prevent customers from knowing exactly what’s in each product, they do make site navigation more difficult.

Clinical Studies and Research

Although it’s possible that the skincare products sold by Revitol have undergone clinical testing, there’s no mention of such tests on the Revitol website. This is generally acceptable considering that most skin and beauty product manufacturers do not clinically test their products. However, several of the ingredients used in Revitol’s products have received extensive scientific analysis, and it would be preferable to see the results of these studies directly on the Revitol website. As it stands, you’ll need to navigate away from the site if you wish to see these studies.

With all of that said, it’s important to note that Revitol does conduct plenty of their own research when formulating the products found in their catalog. The Revitol product line only contains nine different items, each of which have been carefully reviewed before being offered for sale. The product descriptions often include overviews of key active ingredients, along with the reasons for their inclusion. The descriptions are quite detailed and indicate that Revitol takes great care in formulating their products.


The effectiveness of the products sold by Revitol can be measured by viewing the testimonials found throughout the company’s website. Unfortunately, the ways in which the user testimonials are presented varies throughout the site. In some cases, you’ll need to click the Testimonials link found in the bottom navigation menu of a product page. In other cases, the testimonials are displayed inline with the rest of the product description under a “What our Customers are Saying” heading. Regardless of presentation, each testimonial consists of a brief description of the user’s experience with the product, with no star ratings or further information regarding the user’s age, skin type or skin conditions.

In general, the testimonials regarding Revitol’s products are very positive, with many users impressed by the company’s ability to deliver a safe, effective and results-driven product. Several of the reviews describe how a particular Revitol cream or lotion was able to produce results even when similar products from competitors failed. However, there’s no way for customers to directly post testimonials of their own to the site, and there’s no guarantee that the testimonials are posted without editing on the part of Revitol. In the absence of star ratings and direct posting, it seems likely that the company is only choosing to post the most positive testimonials that they receive.

Customer Support

Revitol offers comprehensive customer support through a third-party customer service department. Support is available in six languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese. Phone support, which is offered free of charge, can be contacted from 6:30am until 5:00pm PST, Monday through Friday. It’s also possible to contact the company by sending standard mail directly to the Revitol main office in Burbank, California.

After placing an order, you’ll have 24/7 access to a full-service online support area that allows you to review and update your orders, track a shipped order, cancel or reorder automatic shipments, request billing information and more. You’ll need to enter your order ID or the credit card number you used to make the purchase in order to access this area. As with the Checkout area of the Revitol site, the customer service area keeps your personal information safe with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Revitol also provides customer service through a FAQ section that, while far from extensive, provides answers to the most common questions regarding shipping, payment methods and other related topics. A more comprehensive overview of the company’s policies and standard practices can be found within the Terms, Disclaimer and Health Guidelines section found in the bottom navigation menu.

Product Return Policy

Revitol offers a lengthy return policy in which customers can send a product back for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping and handling, within 90 days of the original product purchase. However, this return policy only applies to sealed containers, disallowing you from actually trying a product before deciding whether to return it. This policy pales in comparison to the ones offered by many of Revitol’s competitors, which often allow you to use 50% or even 100% of a product within the same time frame before requesting a return and refund.

Customers should also note that Revitol items purchased through a “Buy Two, Get Two Free” offer or a similar promotion must be returned as a group in order to receive a refund. In order to request a refund, you must contact Revitol’s customer support team to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The request must be made online instead of over the phone, and customers must explain why they’re requesting a refund. Returns sent without an RMA number will not result in a refund.


Revitol has built a reputation for offering high quality skin and beauty products at moderate prices. Though the prices are already reasonable by default, they can be made significantly lower by taking advantage of the company’s bulk order discounts. Each time you purchase a product, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase multiples in order to receive discounts. For example, purchasing a single tube of Revitol Skin Brightener costs $29.95. The following table describes the bulk discounts:

  • Two tubes: $54.95 (for a savings of $5)
  • Four tubes: $89.95 (for a savings of $30)
  • Six tubes: $119.95 (for a savings of $60)

For some products, this can amount to a 50% discount. Since the company does not maintain a Specials or Promotions page, it’s important to keep an eye on the individual product pages for the latest bulk order discounts and other sales. You can also subscribe to the company’s free email newsletter to be notified of these sales directly.

Revitol bases its shipping prices on the size and weight of your order, with prices typically starting at $7.95 for a small order shipped within the United States. You can save on shipping costs overall by placing larger orders. Standard ground shipping allows you to receive your products in approximately 5 to 10 business days. Unfortunately, Revitol does not offer any free shipping promotions.


Revitol is a premium-quality skin and beauty product manufacturer that delivers a focused and effective product line for reasonable prices. Although the company’s products are priced similar to those of competitors initially, massive discounts are available through bulk ordering. This results in one of the most affordable skincare product lines available, despite the fact that the company does not offer free shipping. All of the company’s products have received several positive testimonials, all of which are posted throughout the Revitol website.

Revitol does have some notable shortcomings, including a lack of published scientific research and clinical testing, the inclusion of some artificial ingredients, a return policy that does not accomodate opened containers, and a few website flaws that make navigation more difficult. Despite these disadvantages, Revitol has a consistent track record of customer satisfaction, something that they’ve maintained since offering their very first products for sale in 2002.

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