Rev Abs Exercise Program Review


Rev Abs Exercise Program Review


Quick Overview
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
  • Trial Period
    30 Days

The Rev Abs fitness program is a
collaborative effort between Brett Hoebel and Beachbody. Bret Hoebel is a fitness
instructor who has been involved in a variety
of television fitness programs and has
published numerous health and fitness articles
in various magazines.

Beachbody, founded in 1998, is a company
that focuses on producing at-home DVD/VHS-based fitness programs. Since Beachbody’s
inception, they have produced several
successful and extremely popular fitness programs including P90X, Slim in 6, Power 90, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs and Yoga Booty Ballet.

The Rev Abs fitness program utilizes three
primary principles to deliver rapid health
and fitness results: Abcentrics™,
cardiovascular interval training and
strength training. Abcentrics is a training technique that targets the core and
abdominal area through 6 different angles.
In comparison, most abdominal exercises
target the core area through just 1 or 2 angles.
The end result is an abdominal workout that
is highly effective and designed to provide
rapid results. The cardiovascular interval
training is designed to elevate your heart
rate, promote effective caloric expenditure
and challenge your cardiovascular endurance.
The strength training portion of the Rev Abs
fitness program is intended to increase lean
muscle tissue, increase your metabolic rate
so that your body burns more calories on a
daily basis, and create a well-toned and
sculpted physique.

The Rev Abs fitness program is a well-balanced fitness program that provides solid health and fitness results. In addition, the Rev Abs
fitness program is especially ideal for
individuals that are looking to reduce excess body weight and tone their core and abdominal area.


  • Contains 9 Individual Workouts
  • Strong Focus on the Core Area of the Body
  • Great for Individuals Who Have Not Worked
    Out Regularly


  • Requires Additional Support Equipment

Intent of Fitness Program

The Rev Abs fitness program focuses on a
specific set of workouts designed to
strengthen the abdominal and core muscles.
The program combines cardiovascular and
strength training workouts to produce a
strong and well-defined set of abdominals.

The cardiovascular-oriented workouts are
meant to be performed at a high level of
intensity (approximately 60% to 75% of your cardiovascular capacity) in order to burn
calories and reduce your overall amount of
excess body weight. The strength training
workouts generally focus on developing
abdominal and core strength while improving
overall body strength at the same time.

The Rev Abs fitness program includes the following:

  • Abcentrics & How to Capoeira Workout
  • Fire Up Your Abs Workout
  • Power Intervals Workout
  • Total Strength & Mercy Abs
  • Fat-Burning Abs Workout
  • Power Intervals 2 Workout
  • Strength & Endurance & Merciless Abs
  • Fitness & Nutrition Guide
  • Rev it Up Cardio Workout
  • Anytime Anywhere Abs Workout
  • RevAbs Wall Calendar
  • Fat Caliper Measurement Tool
  • A Rev Guide – Defines the overall workout program and provides tips on how to get the most from the program

Primary Areas Worked

The Rev Abs fitness program is designed to
increase the total number of calories that
you burn on a daily basis. By doing so, you
will begin to reduce the amount of
subcutaneous fat that rests on top of your
muscle tissue, especially your abdominal

At the same time, the Rev
Abs fitness program is designed to increase
the strength of not only the abdominal and
core muscles, but the overall muscular structure
as well.

The Abcentrics & Capoeira workouts
introduce you to the African/Brazilian art
of capoeira, a martial arts-infused dance
that combines a variety of total body
movements and sequenced kicks to create a
flowing movement. The workout breaks down
several components of capoeira and uses them
as exercise tools. The exercises include
various shuffle movements that will work your
cardiovascular capacity, and kicking maneuvers
that will develop overall coordination,
flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and
muscular development.

The additional cardiovascular programs,
interval and strength, are a bit more
standard. These exercise programs consist of exercises like the dumbbell jack-knife to
work your shoulders, abs and thigh muscles,
scissor lunges to work the muscles of your lower
body and elevate your heart rate, and various
other exercises that will work your abs and obliques.

Program Length/Frequency

Each Rev Abs workout ranges from 25 to 50
minutes in duration. The workouts are DVD/VHS-based, so you can perform them at whatever
time is convenient. The Rev Abs
fitness program includes a fitness guideline
and calendar to show you which workouts you
should be performing on which days, and how
you are expected to progress through the
overall program.

Additionally, the Rev Abs fitness program
includes a nutritional guide and plan that
has dietary tips and meal plans designed to be used during the 4- to 6-week
exercise program. Ultimately, you will be
expected to perform 5 to 6 workout sessions
per week, with one or two days of rest.

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

The Rev Abs fitness program has proven to
be quite effective for individuals that
perform the exercise routines as scheduled
while following the fitness guidelines and
nutritional plan. However, results will be
lessened for individuals that erratically
perform the exercise routines, or who do not
follow the dietary recommendations.

The Rev Abs fitness program has produced
success stories that range from 13 to 19
pounds of weight lost, a reduction of 4 to 8
inches off the waist line, and a noticeable
decrease in body fat percentage. If you adhere
to the Rev Abs exercise program and to the
dietary meal plan, there is no reason why you
should not be able to achieve similar
results. Naturally, your results will depend
on your baseline fitness level, how closely
you adhere to the program, and your level of
intensity when performing the exercises.

Equipment/Space Requirements

The Rev Abs fitness program requires an
exercise mat and a set of dumbbells. Both are
necessary to perform the ground exercises and
several of the strength training exercises.

You will need a reasonable amount of space
to perform the workouts. More specifically,
you will need floor space to perform the
plank (core) routines, for the dumbbell
exercises that are designed to improve
strength, and to perform the martial
arts-oriented cardiovascular routines.

Physical Requirements

The Rev Abs fitness program may be difficult to begin if you are significantly out of shape, or if you have significant pain in the
lower back and/or joints. While the Rev Abs
fitness program may ultimately assist in
reducing pain in these areas, they may
ultimately hinder your ability to
perform the exercises with a high level of regularity.

The Rev Abs fitness program is best suited
for individuals who are mildly to moderately
fit and are looking to lose weight and
achieve a more defined midsection. The
program is largely oriented toward the
abdominal and core sections of the body,
though a large number of the exercises will
work the other muscle groups as well.


The Rev Abs fitness program is a Beachbody
product and benefits from the following
customer support services:

  • Online message board community
  • 24/7 customer support telephone line
  • Online FAQ database
  • Online email customer service
  • Live chat support


The Rev Abs fitness program costs two monthly
payments of $ 39.95 plus $ 12.95 for shipping and
handling. Hence, the total cost of the Rev
Abs fitness program is approximately $ 90.00.
For this price you will receive 9 workout
routines, two guidelines, a wall calendar
and a fat caliper tool.

This being said, the Rev Abs fitness
program is reasonably priced for what you
receive in terms of the quality and
effectivness of the workout routines and the
support items. The Rev Abs
fitness program may be ideal for individuals
that are looking for a fitness program that is
moderately difficult to perform.

However, if cost is not a concern, for
approximately one additional payment you
could purchase the more comprehensive P90X or Insanity fitness programs, both produced by Beachbody. The P90X and Insanity fitness
programs provide a much more complete exercise routine that is designed to
produce a total body transformation in a
shorter period of time. However, it should be
noted that both the P90X and Insanity fitness
programs are aggressive programs that are
physically demanding to perform. spynu remontas Klaipedoje.


The Rev Abs fitness program is an
effective workout system that truly focuses
on the abdominal and core area of the body.
If you perform the exercise
workouts as scheduled and adhere to the
dietary meal plans, you will see a significant
reduction in excess body fat, improvements in
cardiovascular endurance, and increases in
strength and muscle tone.

For individuals seeking an abdominal/core-focused fitness program, the
Rev Abs fitness routine is a sound choice.
The Rev Abs fitness program offers multiple
exercise approaches, each designed to target
a different aspect of good health and
fitness. Coupled with the dietary guide, the
Rev Abs fitness program is well-rounded and provides a solid
foundation for individuals who are looking to
effectively lose weight and improve their
overall level of fitness and health.

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