Pro Form Treadmill Equipment Review


Pro Form Treadmill Equipment Review


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Pro Form has been in business under the umbrella
of ICON’s conglomerate of fitness companies for many years.

This being said, Pro Form is a well-managed manufacturer of fitness equipment that markets quality treadmills at a reasonable price.

Pro Form offers a wide array of treadmills that
are designed to target the specific needs of each
of their users. For example, Pro Form offers economical treadmills that are price-conscious, a Pro Shox series that utilizes an air-based absorption system to reduce joint stress.

In other example, the Trail Runner series includes larger motors and are designed for the aggressive runner who typically runs longer distances.

Pro Form treadmills are smartly designed and intended for light to moderate use. The warranty period will vary across the different treadmill lines, so it is important to inquire as to the specific warranty period for the treadmill you choose.

In addition, the motor size, deck size, and the maximum user weight will vary across the different models of Pro Form treadmills. Pro Form offers folding and non-folding treadmill models as well.

Overall, Pro Form manufactures solid treadmills that are reasonably priced. Pro Form is an upper “middle-of-the-road” manufacturer of treadmills and hence, individuals who are looking for an absolutely top of the line treadmill will need to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, the Pro Form line of treadmills will be more than sufficient for 99% of home users, and will provide years of use and enjoyment.


  • Excellent User Features
  • Large Selection of Models
  • Excellent Price Point
  • Folding and Non-Folding Models


  • Treadmills Vary in Warranty Period

Rating Criteria


Pro Form continuously looks to add the latest technological advancements to their line of treadmills. For this reason, Pro Form treadmills include one of the largest arrays of user options
and features available when compared to their competition. Below is a list of several of the technological
features offered within the Pro Form line of treadmills:

  • iFit Live compatibility for online fitness training with the Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels
  • Intermix Acoustics sound systems for MP3 players
  • Quiet tread belts
  • SpaceSaver easy-folding technology makes storage between workouts easy
  • ProShox 2 Elite Cushioning for minimizing joint impact and stress
  • iPod and MP3-compatible music ports
  • Real time workout intensity control
  • Multi-window LED display console


The various lines of Pro Form treadmills include several user features and options. In this regard, Pro Form treadmills offer one of the widest arrays
of user options available today. Below are several of the features and options available on Pro Form treadmills:

  • 2.25 to 3.0 Dura Drive continuous duty motors or 3.0 to 3.8 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motors
  • Interactive touchscreen consoles with one-touch buttons that allow for easy user readouts on vital statistics
  • Hand-grip and wireless heart rate monitors
  • 8 to 26 pre-programmed performance, distance and weight loss workout programs, depending on the model
  • 0% to 10% incline controls
  • 1 to 10 mph speed controls. Up to 12 mph on performance models
  • 10-inch full color touchscreen with built-in browser
  • Cooling fans and accessory holders
  • iPod and MP3 player connections


Pro Form treadmills are built for durability, with quiet belts and cushioned decks that result in a more comfortable exercise experience. Lifetime
warranties on the frames and on some of the motors demonstrate the level of commitment Pro Form dedicates
to their treadmills. Overall, the quality of Pro Form treadmills is slightly above the average offered by their competitors within this price range. witchcraft review scam or real

Customer Support

Customer support is available by phone for
technical and sales service. Emailing or contacting customer service by mail are options as well. Customer support through email can be directed towards technical support, service and repairs, sales and general questions. For faster response times for
repair and replacement concerns or for pressing questions, it is recommended that the individual directly call the customer service department.


The Pro Form warranty is supported under the umbrella of ICON, which will replace or repair all parts via a local authorized dealer or through in-home service. All Pro Form treadmills include a lifetime warranty on the frame. The various Pro Form treadmill motors carry a 25-year to lifetime warranty.

Parts and labor warranties vary across the different lines of Pro Form treadmills. In general, the parts and labor warranty will range from 1-year to as long as 5 years.

Pro Form offers a 30-day trial period on all of their fitness equipment. More specifically, customers may return any piece of fitness equipment they purchase from Pro Form within 30 days, with a return authorization form, for a full refund of the purchase price. Return shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee are still paid by the customer.

Parts and Service

Non-warranty and out-of-warranty parts can be ordered online under the Customer Service section
of the Pro Form website. For parts that are still
under warranty, customers simply need to call the
Pro Form customer service department to schedule a repair, either at a local authorized repair facility or through the company’s in-home service.


As previously mentioned, Pro Form offers a wide array of treadmills. This being said, the typical
price range across all Pro Form treadmill models is approximately $ 599.00 to $ 1,999.00. As is evident, Pro Form treadmills are reasonably priced when compared to their competitors.

However, sale prices on virtually all of their treadmills are offered from time to time through the Pro Form website. Pro Form also offers a no-payments, no-interest option for individuals that pay in full within 6 months. In addition, Pro Form offers free shipping for individuals that initially pay in full
for their treadmill.


Pro Form is a solid manufacturer of quality treadmills and offers one of the largest selections
of treadmills available today. In addition, Pro Form offers their customers a large degree of flexibility
in terms of choosing specific options that support their personal fitness goals.

Pro Form treadmills are designed for light to moderate use and have passed the test of time. Pro Form offers a slightly better than average warranty when compared to their competition within this price range. Additionally, when compared to similar treadmill manufacturers, Pro Form offers a greater range of user features and options.

Pro Form treadmills are affordably priced and will appeal
to a large segment of the overall treadmill consumer population. In all, Pro Form treadmills are a solid value for the money spent, and are well worth considering for individuals that are not looking to spend a fortune on a treadmill.

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