Precor Treadmill Equipment Review


Precor Treadmill Equipment Review


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Precor is part of the Amer Sports corporation and is a manufacturer of high quality, durable cardiovascular exercise fitness equipment. Their headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland.

From their inception, Precor has sought to be the leading international manufacturer of high quality cardiovascular and strength training equipment through dedication, research, and on-going product development cycles that utilizes the latest technological advancements to improve the athletic capability and performance of not only athletes, but, fitness enthusiasts as well.

Precor is well known for their high quality
exercise equipment and serves both the residential and
corporate fitness environments. This being said,
Precor exercise equipment can be commonly found in fitness centers, the federal government, hospital facilities, resorts, fire departments, rehabilitation and medical centers and law enforcement agencies.

Precor treadmills are well designed and utilize some of the latest technology and manufacturing principles available. For this reason, Precor treadmills are above average in terms of quality, durability and functionality. All Precor treadmills are intended for light to heavy use. In addition, Precor stands behind their treadmills with an above average warranty. In fact, Precor backs all of their fitness equipment, not just their treadmills, with industry-leading warranties.

While Precor treadmills are priced above the average cost, the quality, durability, materials and user options and features warrant a higher price. This being said, individuals that are looking to purchase an above average treadmill that is designed for heavy use should consider the line of Precor treadmills.


  • State of the Art Design and Technology
  • High Quality Construction
  • Comparison Tools
  • Space Saving Designs and Plans
  • Above Average Warranty


  • Above Average Pricing

Rating Criteria


Precor treadmills have always pushed the technological edge in terms of design and manufacturing principles, and utilize innovative concepts to create a line of treadmills that are above average when compared to their competition.

In addition, Precor utilizes high quality materials in the construction of their treadmills. This, in turn, leads to a treadmill that is capable of withstanding heavy use, even from the most demanding of athletes. Below are several of the technological features offered on Precor treadmills:

  • Intuitive, easy to read consoles with Quickstart workout memory
  • Interval training, weight loss, heart rate, speed and incline programs
  • SmartRate heart rate readouts to keep users within their specific target zones
  • Multiple zone shock absorption to minimize back, knee, hip and joint impact
  • Ground Effects Impact and Cushioning Control system, depending on the model
  • Integrated Footplant Technology™, depending on the model
  • Password-protected user profiles for multiple users


Precor treadmills offer several user features and options that are intended to provide a more
effective and enjoyable workout. By offering several user options and features, Precor treadmills can be configured by the user to specifically meet their personal fitness goals. Below are several of the user features and options offered on the Precor treadmills:

  • -2.0% to +15% decline/incline capability
  • 0.5 to 12 mph speed capability
  • Touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring with “SmartRate” technology
  • Multiple user capability with password protection
  • LED/LCD console with standard displays of speed, pace, heart rate and distance
  • Multiple pre-programmed workout programs including hill climb, weight loss, interval, fun run and more
  • Quickstart capability
  • Workout log that allows the user to track and record their workouts, depending on the model
  • Accessory holders
  • Transport wheels for easy movement and storage


All Precor treadmills are designed and
manufactured using high quality construction
materials. From their steel frames and metal rollers to their heavy duty decks, Precor treadmills are designed to last.

Precor treadmills are quiet and driven by
3.0 HP continuous duty motors. To this end, Precor treadmills provide health club quality for both the residential and commercial markets.

Customer Support

Precor provides customer support for their treadmills via local authorized Precor dealers. The local authorized dealers sell, service and supply parts for all models of Precor treadmills.

Service requests, parts replacements and repairs
can be arranged through a local selling dealer or
through Precor’s website under “Customer Service,” where customers will be connected to a local dealer. For technical support or customer service, consumers may also contact Precor directly via phone and email. Owners manuals for each treadmill model are available online at Precor’s website.


Precor guarantees the quality of their treadmills with an above average warranty. All Precor treadmill models include a lifetime warranty on the frame and
welds. Mechanical and electrical parts are
warrantied on all Precor treadmills for 10 years.
All wear items on all Precor treadmill, are backed with a 10-year warranty as well. Labor and service is warrantied for 1 year. For additional accessories and optional features that are dealer- or factory-installed, the company offers the same warranty as for
the components to which they are connected.

Parts and Service

Parts and service for Precor treadmills can be requested through any local authorized dealer or through the original authorized dealer. Precor has implemented an extensive sales and service network
of authorized dealers that are fully empowered to handle all customer questions, service requests and part replacements.


As previously mentioned, Precor treadmills are priced above the average cost when compared to their competition. The typical price range across all Precor treadmills is $ 2,199.00 to $ 4,999.00. However, sale prices are offered by Precor from time to time, both at the online Precor website and at various
local authorized dealer locations.

In addition, since Precor treadmills are so
well designed, several online fitness equipment retailers offer used Precor treadmills at discounted prices. Delivery and installation fees are additional and typically cost around $ 175.00.


Precor has been manufacturing high quality treadmills for over 30 years, and their treadmills
are among the finest manufactured within the fitness equipment industry. All Precor treadmills are backed with a solid warranty and designed
for light to heavy use.

Precor treadmills are designed and manufactured using the latest technological advancements and offer several user features and options. To this end, individuals are able to customize their Precor treadmill to meet their specific fitness goals.

While it is true that Precor treadmills are above average in quality and functionality, they come with a price tag to match. This being said, some individuals may find that Precor treadmills are priced above their budget. However, for individuals that can afford to spend a little more for a treadmill, Precor is a brand well worth considering.

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