P90X Exercise Program Review


P90X Exercise Program Review


Quick Overview
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
  • Trial Period
    90 Days

P90X is a comprehensive full body fitness program from Beachbody and stars Tony Horton, Carrie Wiatt and Mark Sisson. Tony is an experienced fitness
instructor and consultant who has helped
develop other fitness programs such as Power

Carrie Wiatt is a diet and nutritional
consultant who operates a Los Angeles-based
diet and health firm known for its
celebrity clients. Mark Sisson is an
experienced fitness and nutritional
specialist who has competed in various
Ironman and marathon championships and had work published in various
magazines and books.

Beachbody combined these three specialists
to create P90X as a comprehensive fitness
program that would produce rapid improvements
in overall health and fitness. The company
focuses on providing at-home DVD/VHS-based
programs that are meant to provide their
customers with a wide range of health
and fitness benefits.

The P90X fitness program is a well
developed exercise program that is designed
to facilitate rapid gains in cardiovascular endurance, increases in lean muscle tissue and strength, reductions in excess body weight, and
improvements in flexibility, coordination
and balance. To this end, the P90X fitness
program is currently one of the most
effective and comprehensive exercise programs
available, and has become one of the best
selling and most popular fitness programs
ever created.

The P90X fitness program is an aggressive
program ideal for individuals
that are looking for an exercise routine that
will not only provide a challenging workout,
but will push their fitness to the next
level. Hence, P90X is a
top-tier exercise program that is designed to
produce solid results, all within a short
period of time.


  • Designed to achieve rapid total body transformation.
  • Reduces excess body weight and fat.
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance.
  • Increases lean muscle mass and strength.
  • Includes dietary program.


  • Requires support equipment.
  • Requires a fairly strong commitment.

Intent of Fitness Program

P90X is intended as an advanced fitness
program that provides a comprehensive fitness
routine including cardiovascular
exercise, strength training workouts of all
the major muscle groups, stretching, yoga and Kenpo. The P90X
fitness program is designed to produce
several health and fitness benefits including improved cardiovascular capacity, weight
loss, increases in muscular strength, visible
toning and improved mental well-being. The
P90X fitness program achieves these results by combining the aforementioned types
of workouts with a high intensity pace, designed for completion over a 90-day

P90X includes the
following exercise routines:

  • Chest & Back Workout
  • Plyometrics Workout
  • Shoulders & Arms Workout
  • Yoga X Workout
  • Legs & Back Workout
  • Kenpo Kickboxing Workout
  • X Stretch Workout
  • Core Synergistics Workout
  • Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Workout
  • Back & Biceps Workout
  • Cardiovascular X Workout
  • Ab Ripper X Workout
  • Nutrition & Fitness Guidebook

Primary Areas Worked

The P90X fitness program provides you with separate workouts that
target the upper body, lower body and core.
Additionally, the P90X fitness program
includes exercise routines that work on improving your overall cardiovascular
endurance, flexibility, balance,
coordination and strength via plyometrics.

For example, Kenpo is used as one of the
forms of exercise to work your cardiovascular
system. Kenpo is a form of martial
arts. The P90X fitness program utilizes
Kenpo movements such as punches, kicks and
blocks. You’ll go through hook and upper
cut combinations, jab and cross combinations, high punch and low punch combinations, knee kicks, high blocks, high sword and low hammer
combinations and a variety of other
movements. Each series of movements is
performed for approximately 40 to 60
repetitions, and is designed to promote a
caloric expenditure of 200 to 600 calories
per session while providing a solid workout for all major muscle groups.

Another example is the P90X chest,
shoulders and triceps workout. The entire
workout is performed twice, with the first
time being slightly slower and more focused
on learning the proper technique. You’ll
begin by performing standard push ups
before moving to military push ups, chin ups,
and additional push ups to work your arm and
shoulder muscles. Single arm and two-arm
dumbbell row exercises are performed to
work your triceps, rotator cuffs and back
muscles before revisiting the push ups with
advanced diamond and dive bomber push ups.

All of the P90X workouts are sequenced so
that you alternate through the muscle groups on which you focus during the 45-minute exercise
session. This approach is designed to
prevent the need for significant rest breaks
while providing each muscle group a minor
period of rest before being worked again.

Program Length/Frequency

The P90X fitness program offers three 13-week long programs: The Classic, the Doubles,
and the Lean. The primary P90X fitness
program is the Classic program, which is
divided into three phases. Each phase
is comprised of a 4-week period, with the
first 3 weeks of each phase consisting of
a set routine outlined in the calendar
provided with the P90X fitness program. The 4th week is a recovery week consisting
primarily of yoga, stretching and core
synergistic workouts.

Depending on what day and week of the
program you’re currently on, you’ll be
performing either one or two workouts per
day. However, the accumulated time for each
daily session is typically no longer than
60 minutes. The workouts are
all home-based, so they can be performed
at your convenience whenever you have

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

The P90X fitness program results are highly
effective and produce rapid results due
to an exercise technique known as “muscle
confusion.” In essence, muscle confusion is
an exercise principle based on progression.
Typically, standard fitness programs offer results
up to a point where neither intensity nor variety are increased. This results in a lack of
continual fitness gains and results. However, the P90X fitness program is a
high intensity workout program that is
designed to provide continual improvements
throughout the entire 90 days by increasing
the resistance and difficulty of the
workouts. This approach forces the body to continually adapt to the new challenges
being placed on it, and as such, greater
results are achieved within a shorter period
of time.

If you follow the nutritional plan and
fitness guide, you should expect to lose a significant amount of weight and tone your body while improving your
overall body strength and endurance, cardiovascular capacity,
flexibility and coordination.

Equipment/Space Requirements

The P90X fitness program will require you to purchase a
few support products before
getting started. You’ll need a good yoga or
exercise mat for the abdominal
workouts. You’ll also need a set of
dumbbells, which will typically cost between
50 to 75 cents per pound. Additional support equipment items that are recommended but optional include a heart rate monitor to gauge
your intensity, the specialized P90X pull
up/chin up bar, and a couple of resistance
bands with various grades of intensity. You
will need a moderate amount of space to
perform the exercises as you will be
performing moves that utilize
plyometrics, Kenpo and weights.

Physical Requirements

The P90X fitness program can be
successfully performed without any prior
experience in a fitness and
exercise routine of this type. However, the
P90X fitness program is designed as an
intense fitness program, hence, individuals
that are unaccustomed to regularly performing
an aggressive exercise routine will require additional patience in the beginning to allow
their body to become used to the pace of the

The P90X fitness program is an aggressive
exercise program that is designed to produce
rapid results. If you are looking to lose
weight, increase overall body strength,
improve cardiovascular endurance, increase
coordination and flexibility, and achieve a toned and sculpted body, this program is
for you.


P90X fitness program is produced by
Beachbody and includes an extensive customer
support department that consists of the
following support items and features:

  • Online FAQ database
  • 24/7 customer support telephone line
  • Online email customer service support
  • Live chat support via their website
  • Online message board community


The P90X fitness program costs 3 monthly
payments of $ 39.95 plus $ 19.95 for shipping
and handling. The total cost of the P90X
fitness program is approximately $ 130.00.
For this price you receive 12 workouts, a fitness guide, a 3-phase nutritional plan, a workout calendar and a “How to Bring It” video.

If you do not already have them,
you will need to purchase an
exercise mat and a set of dumbbells. As with
all fitness programs that are designed to
provide effective increases in overall health
and fitness, you will only get out
of it what you put into it. This being said,
if you purchase the P90X fitness program and
perform the exercises as intended for the
entire 90 days, you will experience
considerable gains in all aspects of good
health and fitness.


The P90X fitness program offers the
average Joe and the fit weekend warrior
alike a comprehensive exercise program that
is designed to produce excellent health and
fitness results. Although the P90X exercise
program may require the purchase of a few
additional support items, it has quickly
become one of the most popular fitness
programs in existence. This being said, the
P90X exercise program is an excellent choice
for individuals that are serious about
improving their cardiovascular endurance,
increasing their lean muscle mass and
strength, and reducing their percentage of body fat.

The P90X fitness program is an aggressive
exercise system that is designed to provide
a total body transformation over a 90-day
period. For individuals that focus on and
commit themselves to the P90X exercise
program, the results will undoubtedly
meet or exceed whatever health and
fitness goals they have set.

The P90X fitness program utilizes
proven exercise types including intervals,
plyometrics, cardiovascular, strength, Yoga, stretching and Kenpo to achieve rapid
gains in overall health and fitness. This
being said, the P90X fitness program is a top-tier exercise program and is well worth considering for anyone that is looking to
begin an exercise routine or take their
current level of fitness to the next stage.

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