Organic Health and Beauty Skin Care Review


Organic Health and Beauty Skin Care Review


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Organic Health and Beauty is an online skin and beauty product retailer with a main office in Calabasas, California and a shipping center in St. Louis, Missouri. Since its founding, Organic Health and Beauty has established a niche role in the skin and beauty industry as a premium purveyor of all-natural products consisting of organic ingredients.

The company’s lotions, moisturizers, toners and oils include no artificial ingredients, nor do they contain additives, preservatives and other fillers. This allows for a line of safe and effective products that can be used without risk on an extended basis.

Although Organic Health and Beauty’s product line is small and focused, the company still makes an effort to assist their customers with product selection via a Skin Care Smart Guide, which explains the primary purposes of each product and how the products can be used together as a complete skincare regimen.

Organic Health and Beauty offers all of its products for relatively affordable prices, and
allows for further savings through their
Membership Rewards program and various sales, promotions and coupon codes, all of which can be accessed through the Organic Health and Beauty newsletter. The Membership Rewards program, which offers points in exchange for dollars spent, adds
an additional 10% in savings.

Organic Health and Beauty is committed to providing a safe online shopping experience. The ordering area of their website is kept secure through SSL encryption, and has received verification from such organizations as the Safe Shopping Network, GeoTrust, and Trustwave.


    • Focused product line.
    • Organic, all-natural ingredients.
    • Smart Guides assist with product selection.
    • Reasonable pricing with readily-available discounts.
    • Strong customer support.
    • Full ingredient lists.


    • Limited information regarding manufacturing.
    • Sparse clinical testing details.
    • Vague return policy.
    • Few customer reviews.


Organic Health and Beauty offers a high quality line of men’s and women’s skin and beauty products that, while limited in scope, manages to address most common skincare concerns. The product line includes moisturizers, face washes, toners, body oils, body butters, body gels, shampoos and conditioners, all of which are formulated using all-natural, organically grown and harvested ingredients. The company also sells an extensive line of nutritional supplements which are formulated with natural and organic ingredients as well, making Organic Health and Beauty an ideal one-stop-shopping resource for those who insist on the safest and most effective all-natural products.

Organic Health and Beauty’s quality is also readily apparent in its website. The site is extremely simple to navigate, with products neatly organized according to categories such as Face Care, Body Lotion, Body Wash and Hair Care. The product pages include a full description of each product sold by the company, complete with an ingredients list, a description of benefits, customer testimonials and suggested usage guidelines. This makes it relatively easy to familiarize yourself with the product lineup before making a purchase. The Organic Health and Beauty website also includes a Skin Care Smart Guide, which provides a full overview of the company’s products and how they can be used in combination to achieve a variety of results.


Each product page found on the Organic Health and Beauty website comes with a full list of ingredients. The ingredients that may be unfamiliar to average skin and beauty product consumers are given a brief explanation stating how they’re derived or what they comprise. Although the ingredient lists do not take the form of an actual product label photo, they’re complete, well-organized and fairly consistent across the entire product line. Some of the products, such as Organic Health and Beauty Almond Oil, contain only a single all-natural ingredient, while others include more diverse formulations.

As their name implies, Organic Health and Beauty works diligently to include only all-natural, organically-grown ingredients in all of their skin and beauty products, as well as their line of nutritional supplements. Additives such as artificial colors, preservatives and fillers are never used in the company’s skin and beauty products. This results in a product line that’s highly effective while remaining safe for both short-term an long-term application.

Clinical Studies and Research

Organic Health and Beauty provides a limited amount of clinical testing information for some of their skin and beauty products. For example, the company states that French dermatologists tested Organic Health and Beauty’s African Shea Oil, a body butter, on a group of 35 individuals over the course of up to five months. The individuals, who suffered from skin conditions ranging from minor dryness and wrinkles to severe rashes and burns, universally experienced healing over the course of the study. Although Organic Health and Beauty claims that the results of the clinical trial have been recognized by the French Ministry of Health, they provide no links to full results of the study, nor do they give additional details as to the degree of the results achieved for each individual.

Although most of the products sold by Organic Health and Beauty have not undergone extensive clinical testing, many of the product pages found on the site do provide a comprehensive list of benefits backed by scientific reasoning, as well as an overview of the traditional uses of certain key ingredients. Although this is hardly a replacement for rigorous scientific testing, it should be of interest to many of those in Organic Health and Beauty’s target market.


There are two different types of testimonials on the Organic Health and Beauty website: those pertaining to the company and the company’s product line in general, and those pertaining to specific products. General testimonials can be found within the Organic Health and Beauty Customer Service page. These testimonials are relatively brief and vague in nature, and generally describe the company’s excellent customer service as well as the effectiveness of the products.

More specific user reviews can be found within the site’s individual product pages. Although these reviews are also rather brief, they do attest to the results you can achieve by using particular products from Organic Health and Beauty. Unfortunately, some of the products have yet to receive reviews, and most of the reviews that are posted on the site are vague and uniformly positive. This makes it more difficult to determine which products may be best suitable for addressing your specific skin and beauty concerns.

For best results, Organic Health and Beauty recommends using several of their products in combination as a complete skincare regimen. A page detailing this regimen, which explains how and when to use several of the company’s products, is available on the Organic Health and Beauty website.

Customer Support

Organic Health and Beauty takes customer support very seriously, as indicated by the fact that their privacy policy restricts them from sharing your personal information with any third parties for any reason. This goes above and beyond the return policies of most skin and beauty product companies, who often share some of your personal details with affiliates and advertisers.

Organic Health and Beauty provides direct customer support through multiple channels, including email (via an embedded web form found on the company’s website) and toll-free phone. Phone support, which can be reached at 800-430-3501, is available Monday through Friday, 9:00am until 6:00pm PST. Organic Health and Beauty’s customer support team is known to be friendly and very knowledgeable regarding the company’s product line.

Product Return Policy

Organic Health and Beauty offers a lenient return policy that’s somewhat vague in its wording. The company states that customers may return any products with which they’re unsatisfied. This results in a full refund minus the cost of return shipping. You may also elect to have the item exchanged, in which case Organic Health and Beauty will cover the pertinent shipping charges. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a refund or an exchange, you must mail the item(s) to the address listed on the packing slip, using a tracked shipping method such as USPS or UPS. Unfortunately, the company’s return policy does not state whether opened and/or used items are eligible for a refund, nor does it specify the length of the return policy. here you can buy bulk votes for online voting


Organic Health and Beauty offers reasonable pricing on all of their skin and beauty products, with several ways in which savvy customers can save additional money. Most products are automatically priced up to 20% off of normal retail pricing. The Membership Rewards program offers discounts in exchange for customer loyalty by providing one point for every dollar you spend on the Organic Health and Beauty website. As you accumulate points, you’ll be able to exchange them for gift certificates at a rate of $1 per 10 points. The gift certificates, which come in the form of a coupon code that can be applied to your next order at Organic Health and Beauty, come in denominations of $25, $50, $75, $100 etc., up to $300. In effect, the Membership Rewards program is equivalent to a 10% discount off of all products from Organic Health and Beauty.

Organic Health and Beauty also distributes a free email newsletter containing promotional offers, news of upcoming sales and discount coupon codes. You can sign up for this newsletter by entering your email address in the text box found in the site’s left navigation menu.

Organic Health and Beauty calculates shipping costs based on your location, as well as the size and weight of your order. For most orders, you can expect to pay a minimum of $8 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. UPS 2nd-Day Air is available for an additional fee. However, all orders in excess of $100 qualify for free standard shipping. This is the most cost-effective way to purchase products from Organic Health and Beauty, so long as you’re willing to place relatively large orders.


Organic Health and Beauty is a premium online retailer of organic and all-natural skin and beauty products. The company sells a limited, yet focused product line and takes great care in ensuring the safety, effectiveness, consistency and efficacy of each product. This is proven by the company’s refusal to utilize additives, fillers and other artificial ingredients, which save money but ultimately reduce quality. Organic Health and Beauty receives acclaim for offering low prices and various ways for customers to save, such as a Membership Rewards program and frequent coupon codes that are distributed via an email newsletter.

With all of that said, it’s crucial to note Organic Health and Beauty’s shortcomings. Very few of the products are backed by clinical testing, and the company doesn’t go into much detail with regards to its manufacturing process. Although customer support is very strong, the length of the company’s return policy is not explicitly stated on the site. Aside from these inconveniences, Organic Health and Beauty remains a strong competitor in the skin and beauty product industry, and is sure to maintain that position for years to come.

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