Nordic Track Elliptical Equipment Review


Nordic Track Elliptical Equipment Review


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Nordic Track originally created the elliptical market when they introduced their Ski Machine in the 1980’s. The Ski Machine provided a full length, low impact, ski stride exercise that could be performed at home.

To date, Nordic Track has continued to manufacture a variety of cardiovascular fitness equipment and is now owned by the Icon Fitness Corporation. Since the purchase of Nordic Track by Icon Fitness, the company has become a strong player in the cardiovascular fitness equipment industry; both within the online market and via dozens of retailers such as Sport Authority, Wal-Mart and Sears.

With support from the Icon Fitness Corporation, Nordic Track has developed a strong focus on manufacturing a variety of cardiovascular fitness equipment that is well designed and uses the latest innovations and technology.

This being said, Nordic Track has been able to
successfully expand their business model to include several different types of cardiovascular equipment
while still maintaining affordable prices and a reasonable warranty.

Nordic Track offers several elliptical machine models, each priced affordably when compared to similar models manufactured by their competitors. In addition, Nordic Track elliptical machines offer a fairly extensive number of user options and
features that designed to allow each user the
ability to tailor their exercise routine to specifically target their personal health and
fitness goals.

Nordic Track manufactures both residential and commercial elliptical machines. Their residential elliptical machines are designed for light to moderate use, while their commercial elliptical machines are intended for heavier use.


  • Downloadable Workout Programs
  • Innovative Center Drive System
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Smaller than Average Footprint


  • Moderate Build Quality

Rating Criteria


One of Nordic Track’s main technological features is their iFIT system. The iFIT system costs approximately $ 15.00 per month and allows the user to download a variety of exercise programs to their elliptical trainer. This feature allows their users to perform a larger selection of elliptical exercise programs and reduces their probability of becoming bored with their workout.

In addition, certain models of the Nordic Track elliptical series include an adjustable incline, which is an option usually reserved for top-end club-quality machines. A third technological innovation by Nordic Track is the Center Drive design. The Center Drive System places the
resistance system housing in the center-right on
each side of your feet. This technologically-advanced design offers an adjustable stride length option and
reduces the overall size and length of the actual machine.

Finally, Nordic Track also offers the FreeMotion S5.6, a hybrid machine that is a cross between an elliptical trainer and a stair stepper. The FreeMotion S5.6 hybrid machine allows greater variability in the length and height of the
motion to provide a more challenging exercise workout.


Individuals that decide to utilize the iFIT Technology will be able to download various fitness programs that include weight loss, performance, wellness and body shaping. The various iFIT programs utilize different levels of intensity and are designed to be performed over an 8-week period.

The iFIT exercise programs are downloaded into
the console and are supplemented with an audio guide
designed to provide tips on how to perform each workout successfully and with a higher level of effectiveness. The iFIT technology is an option, and is not required as all models include 10 to 20 pre-programmed workouts.

In addition, certain Nordic Track elliptical machine models include adjustable incline and variable stride length capabilities, designed to
provide flexibility in each workout. Additional user features include a cup holder, sound system and cooling fans. All Nordic Track elliptical machine models include a heart rate sensor on the handlebar grips.


All Nordic Track elliptical machines are designed for at-home use, while certain models are intended specifically for commercial use. Nordic Track has improved the quality of their cardiovascular fitness equipment. However, their elliptical machines are not “club quality” and
are, in general, not designed for constant use.

The innovative Center Drive A.C.T. model should
offer additional quality as it is a more ergonomic, square-shaped design which assists in reducing overall vibration in the moving parts and improves stability as well.

Customer Support

Nordic Track can be contacted via phone and
email regarding sales and technical service. Since Nordic Track cardiovascular fitness equipment is also sold by third party retailers, initial sales support
can be found by contacting the respective retailer.
In addition, Nordic Track will be able to assist you in locating an authorized dealer for servicing.


The A.C.T Center Drive elliptical machines include
a lifetime frame warranty and a 1-year warranty on parts and in-home service. Several of the more
standard elliptical machine models offered by Nordic Track include a similar lifetime frame warranty and
a 1- to 2-year parts service warranty. The warranty
does not cover any service performed by a non-authorized dealer and certain fees, such as a handling charge for replacement parts and a trip
charge for in-home repair, may apply.

Parts and Service

The Nordic Track customer service department can
assist you in finding the nearest authorized service center. In-home service is covered by the 1-year
parts and labor warranty, though the scheduling of
the service will depend on your geographical
location. Typically, service is performed by a contracted field representative or third-party
service technician.


Nordic Track’s primary focus is on manufacturing and providing affordable cardiovascular fitness equipment. To this end, the Nordic Track elliptical machines are generally priced between $ 500 and $ 1,299. The hybrid FreeMotion S5.8 machine is their
most expensive model and is priced at approximately
$ 2,699.

However, as the Icon Corporation deals primarily in high-volume sales, Nordic Track is one of the biggest players within the $ 500 budget category and the $ 1,000.00 midrange category. The Nordic Track Center Drive A.C.T. elliptical machine offers one of the best values for the dollar in the fitness equipment industry, and is ideal for the average individual regardless of their competitors. This is especially true when considering the technological features, user options, and space saving design.


Nordic Track has made significant progress since originally going bankrupt and being purchased by the Icon Fitness Corporation. With assistance from the Icon Fitness Corporation, Nordic Track has been able to introduce several technological innovations into the fitness equipment market. Such innovations include the Center Drive design and the iFIT technology.

With Nordic Track’s focus on generating high sales volume, their success at implementing leading edge innovations into affordable elliptical machines is quite impressive. In addition, Nordic Track has been able to accomplish this without sacrificing quality. For example, their A.C.T. Center Drive models provide unmatched innovation when compared to their competition by providing a design that is more stable and saves space.

Nordic Track manufactures a solid elliptical machine that is designed for moderate use. All Nordic Track elliptical machines include several user features and options and are ideal for home use. The elliptical machines are well-constructed and include a reasonable warranty.

All in all, Nordic Track offers a wide range of elliptical machines that are designed to last and operate in a smooth and efficient manner. In addition, when comparing similar models of elliptical machines, Nordic Track is affordably priced. For these reasons, individuals that are looking for an elliptical machine that is moderately priced, includes several user options and features, and is built to last should definitely consider Nordic Track.

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